jamie garrard

Adelaide, Australia

A bit about me : I was born in Adelaide, South Australia. I have lived and travelled internationally and now spend my time between...

The world we live on and the lives that we all lead, have led me in my travels, my journeys, to create the artworks and written works presented here.

My works are reflections of what I find when I look out into the world.

I’m trying to speak in a way that communicates something that would be closer to how I really feel about it, the world and all I see.

Through my art I am communicating material that others may have trouble expressing or understanding themselves.

It is my intention to map the unknown into the known, and to have a little fun.

These works are about imagination and creativity set free.

For more art and written word visit : jamiegarrard.com

Frequently I have been asked what do I mean that I am an international artist and what am I doing about the problems of the World?

Firstly ; I try to keep informed and abreast about a wide range of matters. Things like what is going on culturally, politically, economically, scientifically and creatively in the World on a local, national, international level. During my life I have cultivated friendships with people of many cultures and nationalities and have incorporated many useful ideas into my own life.

Secondly ; During times when my artistic career has not provided me with a steady income I have had a number of jobs in a variety of fields and have also provided my services free of charge to individuals and organisations. I have been useful to others.

Thirdly ; For over two decades I have created and produced many artworks discussing many interesting and relevant themes and topics.

My artworks and words are things that are important to me and hopefully they are useful, interesting and inspiring to others. I have had a lot of feedback that tells me that people like and appreciate what I am doing.

My main objective is to capture the wonder and beauty of life around us and to share that with others. I want to share my optimism and wisdom because I want to make the World a better place not only for me, but for everyone else as well. That is what I do as an artist and as a citizen of the World.

A key aspect of my approach is to create a stimulus for dialogue, and to offer my perspectives on ideas and issues.

Through my own everyday actions and approach to life, which is to assist others, to offer beauty, enlightenment, my labour and my love to the World as my contributions to the Game of Life.

I am using my persuasive powers and abilities in a positive, useful, meaningful and selfless way to influence, persuade, educate, inspire, assist, heal, entertain and most importantly to connect with others.

Sharing my artwork and other projects, both conceptually through my art and experientially through my interactions with others is important to me because I want a great World to live in and so I am doing my part day to day, week to week, to make that happen.

My invitation is to step beyond politics, step beyond religion, step beyond limitations of understanding in order to make things better for everyone.

I consider myself an international artist, for me this is not a mere dream in as much as it is a duty to make Existence a greater experience.

You are invited to view my releases to date and to respond directly. Please look forward to the cavalcade of my future works as I release them at my web portal :



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