Clearly a FUTURE....

In an unconscious, cold dirt hole I stood,
with mounds of dirt that kept pouring in.
I was suffocating.
Each breath I took I thought my last.

Out of no where a ladder appeared with many strong rungs for support.
The height of the ladder I feared,
but I new I must climb to get out….

It took every ounce of strength to pull myself up.
Each step I took I felt the weight of the dirt disappear.
As I grasped each rung I knew, now going back was not an option.
A few more steps.

When I reached the top, it was night.
It was dark and things were still not clear.
Because of the darkness the fear did not disappear.
As the sun began to rise, I was able to se.
Clearly a FUTURE….

Ladders come with many supports called rungs and so does life.
The you to all my rungs.

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