Humanity Rounding the CORNER toward the 'FINAL Conclusion' to Global Warming

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NOW 2017 and humanity is fast approaching their FINAL EXTINCTION. So this re-posting of this work to RB is my Grateful GOOD-BYE to all my Redbubble friends and acquaintances. If you want a current update for a sense of how long we have left you can go to and get an honest estimate.
This work was originally inspired by a RB Challenge in 2010 to submit a work featuring a CORNER, any corner. So, I thought, corner-corner, what is a relevant corner? Then this crazy idea, as covered by my title came to me. An inspiration regarding the future. Humanity has pretty much already turned this corner, forty years of reading eco/environmental literature makes it quite obvious the path we’ve chosen, and what a “CORNER” image to attempt to depict.
Every aspect of the design ended up having multiple meanings and symbolism. By the time I was getting close to finishing it, IT scared the willies out of me. [[and now in 2014 the situation has likely crossed the point of no return… an amazing species, we!]]
Need I add it’s experimental. Further it was a late into the night adventure… and even after going to bed kept sleep away.
It’s a total Photo-shop Elements production, mostly just drawing with the pen tool.
2808 views by 21 June 2017
1242 views by 16 JULY 2014
Loaded RB March 2010
Featured in the “This Is Relevant” group about 3/3/10.
Featured 4/2/10 in “Art for the World” group.
Featured in “Sketching and drawing” group 11/10/11
Featured in “A.C.T. world futurism” group 1/27/14
Featured in “Science, fringe science and unexplained” group 1/30/14
Featured in “Amazing Challenge Entertainment” group 7/20/14
Featured in “ART in MATH” group 2/27/15
Featured in “POPPIN PILLOWS & More” 3/5/15
SOLD: a Post Card 6/28/17;

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A comment/treatise that came through me when updating this work in 2015
I find great amazement in being part of a species who can both perpetrate the most heinous wars and actions, and on their own species… much less decimate and cause the extinction of so many other of earth’s innocent species. Further, of course, the human beings who believe they have to the right to rape and pillage their home planet, and ignore the clear and cogent warnings that were delivered in time to mitigate the worst destructive behaviors, yet continue to deny, even fight for their right to gain personal wealth, while bringing the species itself to the impending brink of extinction.
These same folks, by their own behaviors, actually are perpetrating the actual rape and pillaging of individual humans as well as anyone defined as ‘different’… whether the difference is labeled Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, or ethnic difference, color of skin and of course nationality.
In honor of a viewer’s concern I changed a word in the original work title from “SOLUTION” to “CONCLUSION”… though the original has a bit of reflecting responsibility back onto the human race, where it obviously belongs. Yet, I never intend any harm in anything I do.
I’m cognizant that there may be many who view this work and read all the thoughtful complimentary comments, most in agreement, who still CAN’T agree and will vehemently stay in the business as usual camp. So be it, as many have pointed out above we are already past the tipping point, and though extraordinary measures maybe implemented at various “actions of last resort” these will more likely speed the end game than delay or mitigate some discrete problem issue.
Since this particular art work got called to my attention by a 2015 Challenge in the Fringe Science Group was putting on, it does for me bring up one small ray of hope for humanity. If you read the challenge instructions they referred to a premise of Extra Terrestrials offering abducted humans a demonstration of what the human species is doing to earth and what it’ll look like in the near future if humans don’t take immediate action.
The ray of hope is that the premise used to illustrate the Challenge’s specifics actually has quite well documented basis in fact. I have a great interest in the plethora of information on the internet on ETs and UFOs. is one great source of information.
Yet, all the info also includes detailed documentation about the amazing amount of disinformation, denial and military threats that have been employed for the past 60 years to keep a lid on and any release of this data. It’s been so effective that my guess is you are probably zoning out about here and going to delete anything about me and my strange art and points of view… right about… NOW ;-)))

From my perspective (continuing to write as if you’re still reading;-))) is that the data garnered from many ET interchanges with military/scientific types is that how they have managed to accomplish space travel as well as seeming amazing feats of engineering and life has to do with consciousness. What they explain is that what everything in the universe is, is consciousness. AND it’s all the same consciousness. SO IF you are conscious of reading this, this is the identical consciousness that’s shared by everything else.
From consciousness discrete precipitations’ can arise, we humans call these ‘mind’. Mind can then manifest matter, whether a body or a backhoe. Unfortunately humans got into believing Matter came first, mind arose from that, and consciousness arose from that. This in its simplest terms is the crux of humanities creation of earth’s climate change. Most humans became materialists and lost any Cognizant’s of the inter-connectedness of any one thing with everything else. IF you revisit my first two paragraphs of this treatise, you may with some deep conscious intuition realize that all the human devastating behaviors and following consequences are rooted in humanities belief in materialism first… or glibly stated; It’s what’s the MATTER with humanity.
I’ll forgo anymore human history of its materialism and return briefly to ETs and UFOs. They have been offering help and solutions to the human species for a long time. Knowledgeable folks say it’s vested interests in the current times who currently cover up not only the existence of these beings as well as implementation of their offer of free energy. These ‘vested interests’ plant huge fear issues out there, including planning and building defensive weapons to attack aliens. Yet, conscious ET’s are ‘aware’ and keep their distance from malevolence. They will reveal their ‘presence’ when approached with peace and love. Again, go to !
Ray of hope or not, it’s been FUN writing this! Thanks for whatever you do/did with IT! ;-))) AND June 2017 enjoy seeing where I was 7 years ago… same place as today… just closer to falling into the empty pool of extinction.

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