Scum of the earth!

Four days ago I received a scam email. This guy wanted to buy two pieces of my work. I almost fell for this type of thing about 2 years ago so I wrote him back. I was just playing along with this guy. I ask him which two pieces of my work he wanted to buy. He wrote me back and said he had a client that wanted to buy some artwork for his new home in Nigeria or somewhere. So I wrote him back and I told him that I do landscapes and portraits. Take your pick!. He wrote me back and said he wanted a landscape and a portrait and to go ahead and paint them. OK, a portrait of what? does this guy want a portrait of my cat? Or maybe a portrait of my sons pet lizard. So I wrote him back again and ask him to be more specific about what he wants me to paint. So he just said it doesn’t matter, Just a portrait and a landscape. He also gave me instructions on how to handle the big money for the paintings exchange. He was to send me a cashiers check for a big big sum of money and I was to cash it , take my part and give the rest to his special shipping agent who was to come to my home and pick up the goods. He ask me to write him back with a price for the landscape and the portrait of of my sons pet lizard. So I wrote him back with a price.
I told him my landscapes start at $40,000.00 and my portraits start at $60,000.00 (Yeah, in my dreams) and I only except pay pal and I only ship through UPS. I’m still waiting but he hasn’t replied back yet. If anybody is reading this don’t fall for one of these scams like I almost did 2 years ago. The cashiers checks are stolen and you get stuck with paying back the money.

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