Destined Trails (Teaser)

Rieun awoke with a start, cold sweat dripping through his thick brown hair, and along his forehead, with his hands clenched into fists at his side. His teeth were clamped against each other, and his still tired arms almost buckling from the weight of his trembling body. His deep brown eyes darted around the dimly lit room, half expecting it to be engulfed in flames, but as he calmed he came to recognize the lanterns and furniture that showed that he was back in his home. Rieun collapsed back into his pillow and let the intense feeling of dread slowly slip away. Once every couple of nights, for the last few months, Rieun had returned to the fateful night, over two years ago, that saw the demise of his father. He could remember, as clear as day, the raging fires that had engulfed the once great city of Vérruni, and had taken uncountable lives with it. When he dreamed, he felt the horror of his loved ones, begging to the gods to spare them, as they faced their inevitable demise. He once again saw the faces of all his school mates, the flesh bubbling from their bodies as they cried, desperately for his help, but the thing that haunted him the most was the feeling of helplessness he had felt that night, a feeling that he had spent the remainder of his adolescence trying to forget and prevent. Rieun felt a small tear trickle down the side of his cheek as he remembered another face, a petite, fair one, untarnished and preserved as a loving memory. He steeled himself and shook away the thought as he swung his legs out of the bed, and lifted himself up,
“Today is a new day,” he remembered his father used to say “and waiting in the past for fallen shadows will not hinder the ascent of the sun.”

As Rieun looked around the room, he was surprised to see that his sister, Zona was not still lying asleep in the bed across the room from his instead, her sheets were flung across her bed in pure Zona fashion and Rieun, knowing they would both be punished if anything was out of place in their bedroom, was forced to tidy it. After straightening the bedspread, fluffing the pillows, and tucking the doona in at the sides, Rieun slipped on a plain brown tunic, brown woolen pants, and headed for the bedroom door. He swung the door open, and as he stepped into the room beyond it, he heard some clatter coming from the kitchen, so he went to investigate. He followed the sound into the kitchen, and discovered Zona in front of the oven, and, by the aroma in the air, Rieun concluded that she was cooking pancakes. Zona had short, vibrant red hair which ran down her neck before stopping half way, and shot out in two long streaks from her forehead. Her and Rieun were hardly ever recognized as brother and sister, and their only real standout link was their soft hazel eyes. Apart from their eyes, Zona and Rieun where opposites in every way, Zona’s hair was red, Rieun’s was brown, Zona was messy, Rieun liked to have everything organized and where he could find them, Zona was a social butterfly, flirty and outgoing, while Rieun was more of a worm, spending most of his time avoiding open spaces, and any situations where he had to talk to anyone. Zona looked up from the oven, and turned around to glare at Rieun, obviously irritated with him about something.
“What?” asked Rieun, not knowing what he did wrong, Zona did not answer, but instead returned to her labor,
“Your awake then.” she noted, a hint of annoyance in her voice.
“And you too, surprisingly,” Rieun replied, walking over to Zona’s little cooking station, “shouldn’t you still be asleep? It’s barely daybreak!” Zona frowned.
“How could you sleep through all that racket?” she questioned, “the wind was blowing up a hurricane out there!”
“It was?” Rieun answered, genuinely surprised.
“Oh yeah, rain too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the thunder was Viruun’s own doing”
“You should have woken me, I would have helped with breakfast”
“Yes, but then I would have had to do my own bed. Besides, its not too late to help me, we’re out of oranges, and its meant to be my day to go shopping, but I did make breakfast.”
“Fine then, but I expect an extra pancake for my efforts!”
“If you don’t hurry you’ll be lucky to get even one, now get going, if you get to market first, you will get the pick of the bunch.”
“You’d better save me one, or your in for it sis.”
“Ooh I’m so scared. Now don’t forget to re-stock anything else we need while your there, and don’t dare blow all our money on magic beans!”
“Nah, that dealer moved out of town after this kid, Jack I think it was, OD’d. Messy business.”
“Oh well, be safe, brother.”
“Be safe sis.”

Destined Trails (Teaser)

James Austin

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This is the first page from my new story that I am currently working on called Destined Trails.
This whole chapter is posted on
I will post new bits and pieces every now and then until the story is complete.
Please visit the site, and drop a comment
- James Austin


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