kill the gays is back!

hello my lovely redbubble friends,

earlier this year i posted a journal entitled kill the gays! which highlighted the monstrous bills being put before the ugandan government to:
- commit to death any known homosexuals
- imprison anyone for 7 years who knows of homosexuals, including family & friends, for not disclosing this information to the ugandan authorities

the parliament closed and the bill did not go through.

it has now come to light that the bill is before parliament again and i would really implore all of you to not only sign this petition but to also share this link through all your networks.

it’s nearly 2012 and it’s time the world sent a message to these religious fanatics that their behaviour is not acceptable.

i thank you all in advance for your support!


kill the gays!

i don’t normally put things like this on my redbubble but i’m so outraged i just had to do it today!…

there is a bill before parliament tomorrow in uganda that will outlaw homosexuality. this means that if the bill gets passed, the penalty for known homosexuals is death! i’ll say that again. if the bill gets passed, the penalty for known homosexuals is death!

furthermore, if you have some kind of business arrangement with someone and discover they are homosexual, you have 24 hours to report it to the authorities. an example provided is that if it is proven that you knew that your tenant was homosexual, and you didn’t report it within the 24 hours timeframe, you will be sentenced to 7 years in prison.

but there’s more. if you have a non-business relationship with someone with the knowledge

but is it art...

hi everyone,
a friend of mine on facebook highlighted this today and got me questioning, is this art? freedom of expression? or just someone thinking it fun to create and try to sell ‘hatred’?
i decided on the latter and have commented and reported the image to zazzle accordingly.
i leave this with you to do what you will, if anything.

i haven't been ignoring you...

to my lovely friends on my watchlist i sincerely apologise.…

i’d felt that since the recent changes made to the bubble, the only way i would see new work that you had uploaded was by looking at the streaming images across the top of the mybubble page. before the changes made, i used to see notifications in myactivity list which showed me when you had added new works. as i didn’t get these with the new redbubble i figured it was no longer an option.

it was only this afternoon, saturday 11th december, when i was with a close friend and fellow bubbler that i noticed he was receiving the notifications that i was now missing. it turns out that this had been ‘switched off’ in my profile and after bouncing around from one screen to the next, i finally found how to switch it back on again.

so, if

icelandic horses

well, having had a successful day out shopping for a replacement car as some crazy mare reversed into mine and managed to write it off, i came home somewhat tired, made a fresh pot of coffee and logged on to redbubble. there, at the top of ‘my bubble’ were those 3 words that we all want to see, and i don’t mean ‘i love you’ and i don’t mean ‘gin & tonic’. those 3 words say you sold a, the following word is kind of irrelevant really!…

in this instance, someone has bought a greeting card of icelandic horses. i was fortunate enough to get myself to iceland in november 2009 and during my stay, i went out into the wilderness for lack of a better word where i encountered these beauties. icelandic horses are believed to have remained purebred for over 1200 years as during this time, there has bee

on a roll, albeit a mini roll

just 2 weeks since my very first sale, i woke up this morning to be greeted by 2 emails, yes, count them, 2 emails, each announcing that i had made a sale:-)
the first one was from tailcast advising that someone had bought a card of canna lily leaf
the second one was announcing my first ever redbubble sale, a postcard of rosa
i know they’re not huge wall-hangings but i don’t care. three people out there have liked something that i have produced and that makes for a great feeling.
thank you whoever you are!

my first ever sale, my first ever journal entry

friday, 2nd july 2010
i woke up early this morning, in a slightly grumpy mood, having had a disturbed night sleep. i made some coffee and fed my girls and pups then sat down at my laptop to collect my emails. the first email i opened was from tailcast advising me that someone has purchased flouro agapanthus as a square greeting card. wow! someone actually bought something that i created:-) grumpy head gone, beaming smiles followed! thank you, whoever you are – and what a shame they couldn’t have bought this as a square card on rb!

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