My first 24 hours on Red Bubble

i have up loaded 3 versions of an avatar logo i animated .gif which i spent ages on and then realized to my horror that it was still (even when the web site stated

“Upload a New Portrait

You can upload almost any kind of image at any size — we’ll take care of the resizing and cropping automatically."

almost mean’t not an animated gif….)

but never mind the moving red bubbles did look nice 3hours later

I also uploaded 3 images

i love u love PINK…

pink feathery pink

and then read about no borders so my 4th image dew incrustered tea rose does not have a border

I will have to reload the other two.

I have had some pleasant visitors to my site and joined several interesting clubs and also looked at the photoshop Gaia – The Living Planet competition which I am just about to go and research

you can also visit me at deviantart

I also found the wonderful banners in promote what a great ides and so professional

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