hey (:

I’m a tenth-grade drummer and writer living in Brooklyn, NY, and experimenting with poetry. I mainly write free verse, city poetry, dabbling in form (tanka and sestina are my playthings)….A beginner! but hoping to learn. I’m really strong-willed, narcissistic, opinionated, and sometimes overly emotionally detached. (but I’m also very smart and creative and happy and a good friend). so, now you know me as well as I do.

I hate caps. I almost always hate exclamation points. I’m ok with commas and semicolons and I adore parentheses. Dashes are a distant acquaintance. Rhyme and meter are long lost friends. A veces, español es mi amigo tambien. I think texting lingo is the innovative forefront of the English language. I think religion is mankind’s greatest vice, and art our greatest achievement. I go to Stuyvesant High School, which means I’m supposed to think I’m better than you.
(I try not to).
Any other worthless opinions?
Oh yeah. I’m an anarcho-socialist ignostic semi-vegetarian.
music anyone?
Whatever Will Be, Will Be
And Some Of This Good Shit Too

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Features So Far

First Bunch o’ Features (: / Scars featured in Up and Coming Writers / Untitled featured in Every Little Thing You Do / Untitled Tanka featured in Freedom In Words and Art / Letters and Numbers featured in Layered Up and Every Little Thing You Do / I look back and all around. featured in Freedom In Words and Art / Cemetery Picnic featured in Every Little Thing You Do / Farewell to Arms feat…
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Caliper - Literary Journal

My school has a biannual literary journal called “Caliper”… I’m trying to decide which pieces of mine I should select to submit to the journal, preferably more recent ones. any suggestions? / x / Jake
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Every now and then moments come to me that prove once again that the future is worth something, and it’s waiting for me, ticking off an endless line of possibilities. I want to write these.
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What is and isn't poetry?

I read a poem by the writer Advocate of Wordz the other day, and it went like this: / Sex. / Thirst. / Power. / That’s it. So, I was wondering, at this point in the evolution of poetry is there still any clear definition of what “poetry” is? I guess the same question applies to other things, such as art, sport, and music…
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Tears cascading to where her ears and neck meet in silhouette / and freezing forever there / next to the park that smells like wood / the s…

December 27th

the lines were down. branches hanging from / telephone wires / like broken cowboys, spurs rattling

Jazz Recital

Feel the cymbals breathe / misty warmth into the / snow-streaked air outside, / your hands tapping / their tongues, / sizzling like / stea…

Tanka #3

Dazed children run through / The tipsy streets of Queens like / Shiny black oil spills / Burn the dark waters they drink / Then erupt into …


Like the dead air of winter / my crisp thoughts contract in the cold and pierce / my harboring skin / striking holes in / conscience / (…

To My Earth

you filled my body with tumbling triplets, / trapping my ears in a net of feeling / that holds me tight like ecstasy / and fills my mind / …

Christmas Trees For Sale (At Chambers and Greenwi…

no, i do not dance with trees at night / (waltzing through darkness while / hair is combed backwards by needles).

Please, Sir #1

He / draws his / Arms / in air / Like / thin black / Sky / scrapers, / Screams / at walls: / “Please / dear Sir / I / just need / A /…

Farewell to Arms

You slept with Ernest Hemingway / last night, his eyes pressed against your / chest like cold / knives as your smile / flickered in the…

Cemetery Picnic

I slept on my grave last night, / crawling through sounds of night / and glass, listening to the symphony / of zealous sighs. / (the sta…

Letters and Numbers

On the small, almost completely overgrown gravel path, I found an apology: / A letter bent like a sailor’s hat and beaten with the bl…

Tanka #2

We wrestle with space / and kiss the distance: / locking conscience like bridges / I grasp her hand tight / in evening’s last throes.
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