Little China Girl

A long time ago, an old potter lived a lonely life in a cottage by a forest, outside a small village. He was very good at sculpting porcelain and made all the plates, vases, and teacups for the villagers. Even the King had a fine china tea set. One day he grew so lonely that he decided to make himself a companion. He purchased the finest white clay he could find and set to work making the most wonderful Little China Girl. He painted her hair gold and her eyes and lace dress a brilliant blue.
When she was complete and perfect he took her deep into the forest. A Witch had lived there for hundreds of years and the man once had to make her the most beautiful set of clay cauldrons. The old man knew that she could help.
When the old man knocked on the Witch’s door, she shouted at him to “GO AWAY”.
The old man did not want to shout at a witch but he wanted the Little China Girl to come to life so desperately that he knocked again.
Again, she shouted at him to “GO AWAY”.
The old man grew so fed up with the Witch’s shouting that he bellowed right back through the door at her,
The Witch did no like being bossed around or shouted at and so she flung the door open and stared into the man’s eyes. She saw how weak and desperate he was and he grew terrified at the sight of her. When she saw that she could take advantage she let the old man in to discuss his request and her payment.
The Witch told the old man that she would be happy to bring the Little China Girl to life if only he would sculpt an army for her, 1000 men strong and of the finest marble. Before the old man could leave he had to forfeit the Little China Girl as down payment.
It took years to build the Witch’s army and even to find the stone but the old man delivered the soldiers one by one and when the Witch had 1000, she brought them all to life right in front of the old man’s eyes. His heart twinged as he watched the army slowly begin to creak and shudder and he was reminded of his friend. The Witch was not satisfied; she turned the army against their creator and demanded that he build her a castle of gold, silver and rubies.
Once the old man got together enough gold, silver and rubies, he began to build the witch’s castle. It took more than 10 years and was not as big as he would have liked but the foundations, drapes and even the windows were all gold, silver and rubies.
The Witch settled in to her beautiful new castle but still she was not satisfied. Again the Witch turned the army on the old man and gave him one last order before promising to bring the Little China Girl to life. She told the old man to kill the King and steal his crown so that she may rule over the whole world forever.
The old man knew that this was wrong and would have turned her down, had he not fallen in love with the Little China Girl. As the old man had already done so much for the witch, she let him carry the Little China Girl with him. He needed so badly to hear her speak that he travelled to the King’s castle as soon as he got home and packed his things.
He walked and walked north for days until he finally reached the Kings castle and waited for nightfall. The old man snuck into the castle while the guards were asleep. He quietly entered the King’s sleeping chamber and predicting a struggle, he set the Little China Girl on the King’s dresser, where she could watch how much he loved her. He then pulled a pillow over the sleeping King’s face and at once, the King began to fight back at the old man. The old man was startled and knocked back as he caught the King’s eye, as he stepped back he knocked the King’s dresser and heard the faint, sweet tinkle of china shattering on slate. With that sound the old man’s heart fell to pieces and he landed cold on the floor. Dead.
The next morning a maid came to wake the king and found him and a strange old man dead in the chamber. The Witch heard on the wind that the two were dead and she and her marble army went at once to claim the crown. She arrived in the King’s sleeping chamber and as she picked up the King’s crown and placed it on her head, she noticed a glint of gold on the king’s dresser. It was the Little China Girl. Complete and beautiful as ever. On the floor around the witch’s feet laid the shattered remains of a beautiful china tea set.
The Little China Girl looked most beautiful on the Witch’s gold mantle, watching the Witch rule over the world in a most terrible fashion.

Little China Girl


Melbourne, Australia

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Artist's Description

a fairytale from my own brain. i’m quite proud of this one. it was first drafted in 2006 and was only completed this year (2008).

please enjoy.

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