jingle bells jingle bells jingle ALL THE WAAAAAAAY!!!!!

hey bubble-blowers

we all know how close christmas is and this year, having discovered the wonderful land of the bubble that is red, i’ll be making christmas cards to buy from myself to give to my friends and family.

i’ll be posting them over the next week or so and they’ll only be up for a few weeks and some will feature characters from my other artworks and stories (some won’t).

some of them will be “in-jokes” so people who have not visited may have to go online to fully appreciate the joke. one of my biggest redbubble fans (and of whom, i’m a fan [sentence stucture: out the window!] ) knows full well how much i appreciate the superiority of an in-joke. she knows who she is.

have a good day.


p.s. if anyone who reads this is jewish, or has jewish friends they would like to buy a card for, simply let me know in a comment below and i’ll release a couple dedicated to the 25th day of kislev, the eight days of hanukkah and the lighting of the hanukiah by the shamash.

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