beasts and heroes without the magic?!

i noticed this evening that no one in my watchlist (which, i admit, isn’t the most extensive or varied one) has posted new work for almost a full 24 hours.

has everyone had such a great or awful day that you all forgot about redbubble? did you all lose your inspiration for today? did you have so much fun that you are sooo satisfied that you don’t need to say anything? are you (heaven forbid) speechless?

i hope not. or so, depending on whether your day was bad (hoping not) or good (hoping so).

i miss your amazing stories and artworks that make me ask; why? and what?

while i’m journaling i would like to wish yasemin luck and good fortune and all the happiness in the universe while she sets up her home. i can’t wait to read what she writes in an environment that she has created entirely for herself.

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