Through My Eyes Project - Kabul, Afghanistan

I started the Through My Eyes project teaching young adult photography so that way they could describe their lives and also what life is like in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Currently 10 young adults are taking part and presenting what life is like in Kabul, so look forward to this space for more photos.

where i am at now - March 2010

March 2010…

Been volunteering as a educational teacher at Skateistan newly built skatepark and classrooms. It has been fun teaching kids, even the bad boys class. We teach them art, photography, video, design and theatre because alot of the kids are on different educational levels but art is something all levels can participate in.

An hour of skating, an hour of schooling, they seem to be eager and willing to try out new things. I get in some skating each day which is good as I have never done ramps and skate parks before so I am on the same level as most of the kids but I take it in my stride to push myself harder to learn the tricks, why not, I am at a skate school?

Should of really chased photography and film work but Skateistan needed me and this has been rewarding, fun and inspiring w

going to afghanistan

dear friends.

i go to Afghanistan on March 15
I will be working on a travel show
then continuing on with volunteer work
and work on my through my eyes project

thank you to all who have become my friend on red bubble

Pillars 7 (in the works)

The trek got harder
the path was almost invisible amongst the stones
i became more silent
concentrating on the trek
i could feel each breath
the sun beat down
and began to smell my sweat coated shirts
i longed for a good warm shower
ocassionally i washed myself by rivers but i could feel the icy waters
chill me down to the bone
and so they became quick pace scrub

my climbing companions too were silent
only speaking at rest points
talking about the mountains they could spot
we sat o a large rock and looked upon Trango Towers
two monolith spires going vertically straight up

Pillars 6

It felt like a death march
that first real day of leaving civilisation
Askole was the last town
we would ever see
and we had several days of hiking to get to Concordia
the base camp of the giants…

it was hot
and already i could feel the air getting thinner
but i tried not to complain
i used little rest time with taking my camera out
i could recongnize myself weaker than my other companions
but i kept on

the porters however moved swiftly despite the weight they carried.
in lines they moved
singing in pride
love songs in Urdu

Farid enjoyed my company often siding my me
asking questions
at first i felt irritated
but i relaxed
Farid lived a totally different life from me
he was married with one son
he was very proud of himself
his achievement in life was fulfilled
but greedily he wanted more children


Through my Eyes Project Fundraiser

Dear friends

I have just organised a benefit gig to help me start my photo/video project called “Through my Eyes”
It is about helping teach children photography and video so they can show people their lives, dreams, hopes and passion. It is about celebrating life amongst hardship and war. Several NGOs will help me along my way,…

I am starting the project at Fitzroy Learning Centre with several refugee children then travel to Banda Aceh first to work at the orphanage . I plan to travel to work and do relief aid photography in Laos, Burma, India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Palestine, Darfur, Somalia and Peru.

The money helps to go to running classes and also film stock and processing for the children.

In Pakistan I hope to work on building my school in the Kashmi

Through My Eyes Project

Now that Gotye show is over
i am back to working night shift and doing my usual music video madness
writing funding applications
saving money for the plan
which is what the blog about…

it is called the Through My Eyes Project
it is about teaching children to be able to photograph their lives
so people can see what a child sees
but the project is also to help their situation
and gain education

so far i am starting in a refugee centre which should hopefully begin in October
In December I hope to begin the project in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Where takes destiny I am working on but it will be an adventure. Palestine has been organised for me so I have a medical NGO to work with and my friends back in Pakistan and Afghanistan will help me.

for those who have facebook or myspace. here are links to add so y

The Grand Plan

I have been thinking about this all night

now that some video projects are completing
i am planning on what to do.
most people who know me
know i want to go back to volunteer work
and i am hoping to do that at the end of the year…

So the plan is i am going to buy a round the world ticket
and fly back to Indonesia (Banda Aceh) and Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan
I also want to go to Darfur, Chechnya, Cambodia and Brazil
I am going to do a video and photography project on children
and hopefully teach children to take photos
I am hoping on sponsorship and assistance with Unicef, Kids with Cameras and also my friends of Global Peace Mission to help me work with the kids in the orphanage of Bassian and Banda Aceh

i am working on my exhibition hoping on September to get the prints mounted
and ready for a

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