Visions and Plans

I am a man who has visions and repeated dreams <br> i dreamt two dreams last year <br> one I was in the mountains <br> a waterfall was on the opposite of the cliff face I stood at <br> behind me was two huts <br> which little girls with hijabs <br> ran diligently to their classes <br> smiling at their new uniforms <br> i knew this place was to be somewhere <br> in Pakistan or Afganistan <br> so I began saving for my next adventure <br>

my second dream was being blinded by white <br> and hearing sounds of earth crashing towards me <br> but something was calling me to go forward then to run away <br> this dream happened to me on the mountain <br> of Nooradin Peak in Manoor Valley, Pakistan. <br>

I just came back from Concordia and K2 <br> I had witnessed a Russian expedition <br> be swept away and crushed by an avalanche. <br> We tried our best in a rescue mission but a <br> blizzard destroyed our chances of getting up <br> and we failed to rescue the lone survivor. <br> This didn’t stop me from soloing Nooradin Peak <br>

I packed light, <br> it was a small mountain <br> maybe 4 km in height <br> I could do it in a day and be back if I started out at dawn <br> I climbed higher and higher, <br> Avoiding the deadly crevasses <br> My breath became shallow <br> My mind started shut down <br> And only the purpose of climbing took over <br> Five steps <br> Breathe <br> Continue <br>

I made my way through a ravine of ice <br> Utilising my ice axe and crampons <br> Scaling vertical ice walls <br> Without ropes <br> Suddenly I heard the ice wall tear apart <br> Snow rushing towards me <br> The blinding light <br> the sun obscured and numbed my judgement <br> but that voice said go forward <br> and so I ran <br> in an attempt to jump over the crushing wave of ice <br> I leapt over the avalanche <br> Like jumping over rolling wave in the ocean <br> My body was carried above the ice and I planted my ice axe <br> And held for my life while getting dragged downwards <br> If I went into a crevasse I’d surely be dead <br> but the ice swayed me to edges of the ravine <br> I felt all the muscles rip in my arm trying to hold onto the ice axe <br> but it was soon over <br> my body was punished and i lay looking at the sky <br> glad to be alive <br>

stumbling back to the village of Getti <br> the villager tended my wounds <br> and I rested <br> I cried<br> I felt shattered<br> but the sounds of giggling girls<br> broke me out of my sadness<br>

There stood Taira and Ajara<br> peering at me trying to read my journal<br> fumbling with my pen<br> so i showed them how to draw<br> they laughed at the animals i could draw <br>

i made a promise to Taira<br> i would send her to school<br> so she could draw more<br> so i visited her father <br> to enrol her into the Unicef tent school<br> i gave him money to send her for the year<br> and for book and uniforms<br>

when i left Manoor Valley <br> passing the Unicef tent school<br> i came accross the cliff face of my dreams<br> a water fall accross the cliff and tent school<br> behind me would be exactly where i would<br>
build my school<br> so I am coming back<br> coming back to build a school<br> for Taira, Ajara and the little children of Manoor Valley<br>

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