Pillars 5

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Chapter 5

The cold crisp air blew into my tent
It hit my face but I fought against waking
Everyone was up and ready to leave.
My body ached.
But I got up.

Isa had made me breakfast
He was glad to see me in the morning
He had broken out the baked beans and had fried eggs
“We are in Askole,” Isa said “this is the last town before the mountains”
“You also may not get to eat so well” He also spoke
We all ate well
We talked about our day before
The excitement of the adventure
My little bit of first aid

Once camp was packed we hiked into the main town of Askole
I watched the villagers look at us.
Women hid their faces from the foreigners
And especially from the cameras
Children came out to play seeking candy from us
The men looked onto Anna’s tall thin bronzed legs with awe
She stood out but she was rather defiant about her appearance

I bought candy
To give to the children
They came in masses to get the free candy
It was then I saw her

There was an air about her
I couldn’t help but to look
She wore a white doctor’s gown and a white head scarf
Strolling the street followed by several children wanted to play
She spoke perfect Urdu and the children retreated laughing
At that moment our eyes met as she laughed at them
Me crowded with children
Trying to steal the candy from my hands
And that was a moment I felt my heart race

“You shouldn’t give the children candy.” She said “They will follow you everywhere in Askole”
“I couldn’t help it” I smiled
She approached me shooing the kids
“My name is Rachel. I work at the field hospital. I presume you are a climber or a trekker?”
“Yes, I’m going off to climb K2’
“Well I hope you come back safely. Many die on it”
“What from?”
“I’m not afraid to die”
“It’s not whether you are afraid, its just be careful, you may want to do more in your life”
“Like what else?”
“Just living, there is so much more in this life, you’ll feel it when you are up there,” she started to head down the street. “It was nice meeting you”
I paused and watched her
“Hey” I yelled
she turned
“One of my porters cut his eyebrow and I stiched his eyebrow. Could you look at it?”
“Sure, send him to me.”
“Do you live here?”
“Yes, at the hospital”
“How come”
“I found something to live for here”
“Well I hope I can meet you again Rachel”
I watched Rachel leave and felt something inside me
Her presence filled me with a sense of awe
It inspired me to want to have that sense of confidence she had
I wanted to make sure I came back to Askole so I could meet her again.

Farid stood beside me
“Miss Rachel is a good person,” Farid spoke “You like her?”
“Yeah she seems nice”
“Maybe we organise marriage with her no?”
I laughed
“I don’t think she would want me, It doesn’t work like that,
I don’t think I am that nice a person”
We shared a laugh then Farid yelled at the children to stop following us
We gathered our gear and headed out of Askole
I thought a lot about Rachel
And the energy about her
I hadn’t felt that feeling in a while
It was that feeling of love
And I wanted to pursue it
If I ever made it back to Askole

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