Pillars 3

I sat back and watched the horsemen play polo
Pakistan’s national sport
The crowd went wild
Over the horsemen running after the ball
colliding and battling for it
I thought about my life and everything it had come to
Tommorrow morning began the journey
No turning back now
Farid came and sat next to me
His grin was ear to ear
Excited to tell me how organised everything was
All the porters were chosen and a personal cook
11 strong men from Skardu villages had come
The trucks were fueled and ready to go
All the food rations were packed
And also the ice climbing gear
“Are you happy?” Farid asked
“Very happy,” I told him “I’ve never been more happier”
He patted my back heartly
“Then with good happiness must come good food. Shall we eat?”

We met up with our climbing companions
There was Dan Cotter, our expedition leader
He was a New Zealander with a lot of bravado
He had led several climbs up some of the highest mountains
And we trusted hom to get us to the top
Kris was to be my climbing partner
He was of similar age and very fit
Anna Theron was a blonde swiss climber
Accompanied by her partner Hans Hoefler
Two Americans, Toby Cook and Jasper Smith
Were much like me in experience
but they were from wealthy background
adventure junkies look for the next great adventure

Wandering down the street
Eyes looked onto Anna
With her blond hair flowing
And long leg bare except for small shorts
“You should cover your hair and try to look more respectable here” Hans protest
“Why? Let them look” Anna proudly said
Hans scowled.
It was customed that women wore headscarfs
and head dressing under quran law
“Miss Anna, some people in this area go crazy over women who show their body” Farid tried to explain
Anna disliked being here.
She was a proficent climber but everyone tried to protect her
She became more and more irritated by it

I kept out of it
As much as I cared
I let them be
I just wanted to get to K2

Farid took us to a restaurant
With other climbers
It was filled with tourists from so many nationalities
All here for the expeditions
In the Karakorum
We ate Western food like burgers and french fries
We were no longer going to have any western food for almost two months.
It was like a last supper
This was the last night we would be ourselves
Tommorrow we would be a team
And have to value each other lives
Stuffing our bellies we crawlled back to our motels
And engross into our music and tv
I watched the news on tv.
The war in Palestine and Lebanon against Isreal was going on
Fighting in Iraq
Bush Fires in Australia
Bombing in India
Celebrity crap
The world was going crazy
I was so glad to be away from it all
Would the world destroy itself while we were gone?

I slept and dreamt
It was a powerful dream
I dreamt I was in pure white
Danger was immenant
And I had to think fast
Deep within me
Words told me to go forward
And I did
And all became white
Then I woke up

It was dawn
And the trucks were ready to take us to the Karakorum…

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