Chapter 1 (of another story)

Chapter 1

She woke up from a feeble voice in here ear.
“Talina, Talina, wake up. Your safe now,” a gentle, soothing voice whispered, in her ear.
The man straightened up, from being bent over, and took a step back. Talina rolled over with a groan.
“What… what happened?” she groaned rubbing her eyes.
“You don’t remember?”
Sitting up straight, she looked around the room with a confused look, “Where am I?” The room was dark; the only light there was were the candles burning, on the walls and on the table in the middle of the room.
Walking back over to Talina, he grabbed her hands and bent down, “We are in the Sadalic Runes. This is an abandoned castle, on the outskirts of the fire nation.”
“But why am I here? I fell like I should be somewhere else. You seem familiar to me. Do I know you?” she pulls away from the strangers’ hands and starts to get up trying to pull out a weapon, “Where is my bow?”
Pushing her back down on the couch, “You are here because you needed to be. I took your bow so no one will get hurt. I’m not going to hurt you, just trust me. Do you remember anything, anything at all?”
Sitting back down, she remembered a name. She wasn’t sure of whose name it might have been, “Eldora… Is that your name? I remember that a person called Eldora, a wall with blood on it…and this.” Opening her hand a pendant had fell on to the cold wooden floor.
Realizing what it was, the man picked it up and questioned, “How did you get this? This is one of Queen Assirra’s pendants.” He stood up and mumbled something to himself while walking over to the window. “Eldora is not I. She was the one who had harmed you. You both disagreed on a lot of things and then fought on what you believed was right. I am a friend, I have no attention in harming you.” Looking back at Talina, he winked and turned for the door. While he was opening the door Talina said something.
“Your going to leave me in this dark room alone without any protection, huh?” Leaning back in the couch, “How would I know were everything is, if I want to get up later in the night for a drink?”
Looking back at Talina with a smile, “Do you want me to stay?”
“…Please?” she asked with an embarrassing look on her face, “What is your name, anyway. If you know me, how come I cannot know yourself?”
The man closed the door and walked to the chair beside the couch, and sat down. “My name is Titus. And you do know who I am, you will figure all this out so enough.” He said with a compassionate voice.
Talina laid back down and went to sleep. Titus stayed awake and watched the beautiful face dream. ‘That spell must have messed up her memory. She didn’t even remember me. ME! How could she forget me? I guess I have to make her remember…remember everything.’ Titus hadn’t noticed that he had fallen asleep.
Titus had woken up from a ray of sunlight beaming through the window. He opened his eyes and looked around the room, “Talina? Talina? Oh noooo…” He rushed over to the door, and headed down stairs. When he got to the dining room, he ran passed a table in the midst of a note. He slid trying to stop and walked back to the table. He picked up the letter and it read:

Dear Titus,
I am fine. I am where the grass meets the horizon.

Hope you weren’t worried.

“Thank goodness, she’s alright.” Titus alleged with a sigh of relief. He walked to the spring and saw the most beautiful being he had ever saw, Talina. When Talina turned around to find Titus behind her, she smiled.
Before he could say anything Talina ran to him and hugged him, she whispered, “I’m sorry I didn’t remember. I’m sorry.” Then she started to cry.
“Shhh its ok, its ok. I knew you would come back to me. I knew you would.” Holding Talina tightly, he compromised.
“I’ll never let go again… I promise.” She said, cheering up.
“Don’t cry… don’t worry, I wont let you.” He promised while wiping a tear rolling down her cheek.
“But can you tell me why you brought me here? And…”
“And…what?” Titus asked curiously.
“Oh, never mind. Lets head back, and then you can tell me what happened. OK?”
They took the long way back to the castle so they can just hold each other in their arms. They had both wished this moment would never end. When they walked through the meadow, Talina heard a rustle in the bushes behind them. She turned her head and looked around in alert.
“What is it? Did you see something?” Putting his hands his sword, ready to pull it out.
“I’m not so sure, hold my hand and what ever you do, don’t let go.”
Before Titus could ask questions he grabbed her hand. “Wh—-,”he had gotten interrupted by Talina whispering a spell “INCONTELMIOUCHO!”
The spell made them glide up into the air and disappear. The next thing they knew they were on top of each other, in the guest room, where Titus had stored her weapons and many others.
“I kind of like this position.” Titus said with a smile.
Talina just rolled her eyes, Titus started to get up, but forgetting that Talina still had his hand, she pulled him back down and kissed him, “Wow. Didn’t see that coming.” He said with enjoyment.
Talina let go of his hand and got up and scurried to the window quickly, “…Sorry,” she said in a low voice.
Titus walked over to her and comforted her.
“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was just—-,”
Titus had turned her around quickly and kissed her to comfort her, “Now were both even.”
Talina looked down in embarrassment. Titus held her head up and looked at her, “Would it make you feel any better for me to give you your bow and then we can sit down and talk about what you might have heard?” he said in a comforting tone. “It’s been a long time.”
‘I think he enjoyed that,’ thinking in side her lonely head, ‘He was trying to hide the smile behind his talking,’ Her thoughts made her chuckle a bit, shacking her head yes.
Titus walked over to her bow and picked it up and handed it over to her. They walked over to the table and pulled out a seat. Talina was still looking down with embarrassment being in deep thought. Titus was the first to break the silence.
“So…where did you learn your magic? And what did you think you heard?”
“Um, my grandmother mostly and some from my fath… yes about that sound, I wasn’t sure. I just had a felling that someone was there. You know?”
“Talina, may I ask you a question?”
“Sure, what do you want to know?” Talina inquisitively asked.
Playing with his fingers, “Um, what happened with…um…”
“With…my father? Yeah, well when I was a child he used to teach me my magic, all he knew basically, such as the major spells and enchantments. See, my mother died from the fire,” she looked up at Titus with a scared look.
Titus looked at her with a glare, “Go on…”
Talina had picked up where she had left off, “nation. So my father took me in and taught me magic.”
“So what was so bad about him?” Titus questioned with a baffled look.
Talina looked at him and took a deep breath, “He betrayed me. He actually betrayed everyone in my nation. When I turned 13 he, he, …I’m not sure what had happened, his eyes turned red and then he started to attack everyone. He was very stubborn, stubborn about everything. We kept telling him to stop but he wouldn’t listen. It was like there was a force greater than him taking over,” she stood up and walked to the window.
It was now sunset, the rays of the sun ran across the water of the spring. The spring looked like there was a sheet of crystal covering it.
“I think I’ll go outside and take a breather,” Talina said still looking out the window.
“Do you want me to go with you?” Titus inquired, starting to get up from his chair.
“No, I’ll be fine. You look tired, you should get some rest,” walking to the door, Talina glanced back, “goodnight.”
“Yeah, goodnight,” he got up from the chair and looked at the window, watching the girl walk down to the spring. He was still watching here when she did something peculiar. “What in she doing?”
Talina was sitting on a boulder waving her hand in the water. The water started to change color, blue to red to an off shade of green. Wind was blowing on her but none was blowing at the time. She started floating in the air while positioning herself into a meditation stance. Titus grabbed his sword and started to open the door. When Titus had the door fully open, it had slammed shut.
“Don’t go out there,” a voice commanded.
“Who was that?!?” Titus said looking around the room in confusion.
“You need to have better senses than that, don’t you think?”
Titus turned around and saw a figure in the far right corner. The figure had a brown cape with a hood that covered his face. “Why don’t you show your face and tell me who the heck you are!”
The strange man took off the hood, “Are you happy now?”
“That doesn’t tell me who you are!”
“That is a need to know basis, and you don’t need to know. Don’t go out there Titus. She is regaining her power. It will be to dangerous for the weak such as your pathetic self.” The mysterious guy looked out the window.
Being alert, Titus looked at the guy, “How do you know that? You most know her somehow, if you know that. Wait, how do you know me?”
The door flew open. Titus turned around to see Talina. “Talina! This person do you know him?”
“I heard voices so I looked in to see who you might be talking to. Whom were you talking to?” Talina asked while looking around the room for anything strange.
“What?!?! He was standing right here! You didn’t see him?? He was standing right here!” Titus went over to Talina grabbing her arms furiously.
“Titus, let go of me,” Talina said with a frightened but commanding reaction in the tone of her voice, “your hurting me, let GO!”
Titus just looked at her with piercing eyes.
Talina looked down and mumbled a spell, “ OK if your not going to let go, firecontact.”
Titus’ hands had caught on fire. He let go with a shriek. He was waving his hands all over the room like a bird trying to get the fire out. Talina walked over to him and touched his hands, the fire went out.
“I guess a water elf is good to have around sometimes, huh? And don’t ever do that again, OK?” She walked over to Titus, which sat down with an embarrassing look on his face. Talina kissed him on the check following with a, “Goodnight.”
“Ok, will never happen again, right. Oh, goodnight,” He still sat in the chair with a puzzled look upon his face.
Talina walked over to the door and opened it. She walked down the hall and through a room. But at the end of the room she saw something she didn’t expect to see.
Meanwhile, Titus was sitting on the chair thinking about what the strange, mysterious man had mentioned, ‘How in the world could he know her? He must know magic of some sort. I mean he did shut the door with his mind, and he got into the room with out anybody seeing or hearing him. What was Talina doing out there at the spring? He said she was meditating to regain her power. So that spell must have made her really weak. If she does any other spell after she does a big spell like that, she would nearly die. But that man, how does he know her? But the spell she just did, did that take up her energy? I’ll just have to ask her in the morning,’ he started to get up from the chair where he heard a scream.
“Talina! Not again,” he rushed to the door and it wouldn’t budge. “Talina! What happened!? Dang door open!” he yelled beating the door.
“You don’t need her, let her go. She is nothing to you,” the hooded man said from behind.
Titus rushed over to him and grabbed him, “You have no authority to tell me what I need! And what did you do to her! Open the door, you creep!”
“Yes, I have the authority because I am stronger than you. And with one simple word she can die. So let go of me, or you will lose something you never had and never will,” the hooded man said and started to snap a finger.
“Fine, but why do you want to kill her! She has done nothing to you!” he said slowly letting go of his cloak.
“She killed, or least tried to kill someone she has trouble speaking about. If you know her at all you would know who I am. So I will let you see her, find out who I am in five days or I will kill her and you. Are we understood?”
Titus turned away. When he turned around again, “Fi—-. What!?”
He rushed over to the door and opened it. He ran after Talina, when he saw her, she was on the floor passed out. He rushed over to the helpless girl and picked her up.
“Talina wake up, please wake up,” he said quietly patting her head gently.
Talina was carried to her room. Titus laid her down on the bed. In the bed, Talina laid there breathing fast. Titus laid beside her for the rest of the night. He put his arm around her for protection.
“I am so sorry Talina, I didn’t get there in time. I hope you will be alright,”
Talina turned around so she was facing the wall, and began to become conscience. She heard Titus soft and comforting voice so she didn’t say anything. She wanted him to stay there all the time for her protection.
“Talina I wish you would walk up. Just give me a sign that you’re OK. Please? But whatever you may think, think of me always being there for you. I will be your protection forever,” he still rambled on.
Talina was still awake. She didn’t know what to do, so she just laid there, awake. She wanted to give him a sign to let him know that she was OK.
‘He must’ve gone to sleep because he stopped talking. Or he knows I’m awake and he’s just waiting for me to turn around. I don’t know what to do anymore. But that man, was that… no. It couldn’t have been him. He had died five years ago, not died but…assonated.’ The unidentified man that knocked her out made her worry, she could not fall asleep.
When she finally did get tired enough she fell asleep. She had waken up which only felt like five minutes. When her eyes opened she was face to face with Titus, which was still sleeping. She gently brushed her hand across his face to get the hair out of his face. He didn’t wake up. She crawled out of the bed softly not to wake the sleeping man up. When she got both feet on the ground she felt a tug on her arm. She turned around and a got forced to sit down on the bed.
“I guess your feeling better?” he asked restlessly.
“I didn’t want to wake you.”
“Oh, I think you have accomplished that,” Titus smirked sarcastically, “What time is it?”
“Time for you to let go and for me to go practice,” she said hastily, “and you need to come with me,” she added.
“But why,” he cried, “its to early and what are you going to do?”
“I need to practice my bow skills, so I need a moving target.”
His eyes shot open, “Are you referring me as the moving target?” he questioned her with a frightened voice.
“Yeah, so get up.”
“You got to be kidding, are you?”
“Don’t worry… I am,” she said laughing.
“Thank goodness. You scared me a bit.” He said pulling her back on the bed.
“I never knew a human such as your self, would get scared so easily. You know you need to get more brave, so you can protect yourself.” She mocked.
“HAHAHA, you think I need protecting? You’re the one that needs protecting.”
“Oh yeah? What do I need protecting from? You?”
“… Yeah,” he said softly, and kissed her soft but firm lips.
Talina pulled away and grabbed her bow. “Are you ready?” and walked toward the door.
When Titus got up, he grabbed his sword by the table with a book that had The worst mêlée of a nation, Water vs. Fire inscribed to it. He felt a cold feeling going through him as if it someone dropped ice on him, when he read the title. He didn’t pay any attention to the title, as he walked away. As he walked out the door he smelt a refreshing crisp smell of nature. He heard an unwanted voice.
‘Five days in counting.’
Titus looked around and saw nothing. He walked a couple of feet stopped. He looked around to see if anyone was watching him, but no one was, and walked toward Talina. As he walked he had a mystified look on his face.
Talina looked at him and started rubbing his back and asked, “What’s the matter? Are you all right?”
“Can you tell me about your father more? You didn’t finish. That is if you want to,”
Talina stopped rubbing his back and sat down. “I guess you want to know, huh? Well ok I’ll finish the story.”
Titus sat down next to her and begun to listen.
“You see, the power didn’t want him to release him. So my father didn’t have a choice about turning on us. He had before committed to that retched force, so it over ruled him. My father was weak; he didn’t meditate enough, so he could regain all of his power. That’s what I was doing that night I went outside.”
“So I was told,” he said under his breathe, then he continued louder, “Then how did he betray you and your tribe? He couldn’t help it. If he was being controlled.”
“He betrayed me, that night that he attacked everybody, I ran up to him. His eyes weren’t red, so I tried to cry out to him.” Talina’s mind flashed back to that moment. “I can still smell the burning wood, the helpless little children screaming in the trapped burning houses.” The flashback came back into her mind, remembering ever word that had been spoken on that dreadful night. ‘Daddy, please stop. Your going to hurt people you care about.’ He told me ‘Don’t worry Tally, but do me a favor run, run as fast as you can and as long as you can. Can you do that for me? Don’t worry,’ I had stared to cry, ‘I’ll come back for you, I promise.’ “He said he would come back, back for me. But he didn’t.” She blamed herself looking at her reflection in the water. Then she throw a rock at her reflection in the water, “I ran as fast and as long as I could, until I ran into this boy, on top of a hill where you could see for miles, including my burning beloved home. When I saw the boy I stared to cry, I was to scared to notice who it was. I don’t know what happened but I guess I just felt that I felt safe when I was around him. I started to walk away, but tripped over a rock and he caught me and held me in his arms, his faint strong voice said, ‘Sorry about your home.’ I turned so I could see my burning tribe and all that was there for me to see were flames, then I saw a faint figure standing in the midst of the smoke,” She took a minute to breathe and holding in her frozen ten ton tears, “It was my father. He walked away and disappeared in the smoke and never heard of him again.”
When Talina finished her hidden past, she felt faint. She stood up on the rock and looked over to the castle, and took a deep breath, breathing in a nice cool breeze that swept over the spring. She closed her eyes and felt a strange presence. She opened her eyes and saw a hooded figure in the distance helping a girl that was on the ground weeping. He had a dagger in his right hand behind his back. The little girl stood up and went over to the mysterious man. The man was snickering with an evil look in his eyes, looking down on the girl while his hand was in the air with the dagger. Talina felt as if she needed to help but couldn’t do anything. She tried to yell for her to run but it was as if she couldn’t breathe. Talina started to gasp for air. Then the man flung down the dagger and Talina had a ray of moon light in her eyes. She jerked up from the couch, and then laid back down.
“Good it was just a dream… or at least I think it was… It felt like I felt the pain from the little girl.” Talina was still lying down on the couch staring at the moon, when she saw something in the corner of her eyes. She turned her head and looked out the window, she saw Titus and another figure. They were specking with each other like they were in an argument with something. Titus turned and looked through the window, Talina quickly lowered and turned so she was facing the back of the couch. The door flung open.
“I guess I was seeing things,” Titus had mentioned while motioning the person in the room, “See, she doesn’t need to go back she’s safe here.”
“No she is not! They know where you are if they know where you are they know where she is. Don’t you get that the queen is the only person that can protect her now. No one else can, it is the only way,” the woman’s voice had sounded familiar to Talina.
“I know but give me one more day I will have all the information I need, one more day, I think the queen will except that offer, if she doesn’t, well, she will have to,” Titus announced in a bold voice.
“Agreed,” the woman’s voice faded while she walked out the door.
Talina heard the hall door slam as she sat straight up with a vile look on her face, looking at the door. Titus strutted through the door and closed it when he did he leaned on the door and muttered in a soft voice, “What am I suppose to do?”
“Well,” Titus jumped hearing Talina’s voice, “what I would suggest is that you can tell me what the heck is going on, and why you didn’t tell me the truth.”
“Uhh…Talina your awake…umm, how are you, umm, felling?” he stuttered walking to Talina and tried to put his hand on her shoulder, but she stood up as fast as lightning.
“WHAT!??!? That’s all your going to say to me, ‘oh, hey Talina how are you felling?’” she said in a strong angry tone, “You can at least have the decency to tell me the truth. After all we… I mean ME, after all I have been through?”
“Talina I’m sorry, OK? Are you happy now? I don’t know what else there is to say,” he said in an ashamed pitch.
Talina backed away toward the door, she started to put her hand on the door knob then she said in a hurt whisper, “I think you should think about that,” when she pulled open the door she turned and spoke in an elvan language spell. Titus tried to walk toward Talina but couldn’t. He was petrified.
Talina walked out the door and was about to close it, “OK, fine. But please…try to control your temper,” Talina raised an eyebrow and was about to say something but got interrupted, “just kidding. You know, HA HA, do you remember that? I guess not but anyways, ask me a question and I’ll answer it, but if I cant I’m sorry, but before anything can you undo this spell?”
Talina was pulling out a chair in front of him while saying, “Oh, yeah about that, its not undoable,” she sat down on the chair. Titus’ eyes flared up as if he was just struck by lightning, “just kidding. You know, HAHA, do you remember that? I guess not. I will only undo the spell if you tell me the right answers at the right times. Sound fair?” she continued with a smirk across her face.
“Huh, very funny. OK what’s the question?” he said relaxing his face.
“First, why do you what to know about my past? Second, who was that lady that you were speaking to just now? Third, when I was first brought here, why were you so shocked when you saw the pendant fall out of my hand? Forth, why did you kidnap me, and bring me here?” looking around the room she mumbled, “To this… place.”
“OK, the first answer, that is going to be a problem with that if I don’t…”
He stopped and looked around the room and heard the mans cold voice, “less than ½ a day…hehehehe…” Talina looked at him as if she saw a ghost, she didn’t stop staring at the wall behind him.
Titus looked at Talina, “What are…” he turned his head as much as he could. In the corner of his eye he saw the hooded man snickering. “Talina, undo the spell…” he said in a low voice so only she could hear him. She didn’t budge, “Talina, help, get rid of the spell!” he said louder but still she was the only one that can hear. She still didn’t move.
“What’s the problem, cant move? HAHAHAHA!!!” the hooded man laughed as he walked toward Talina.
Talina stood up and stumbled over the leg of the chair but the man caught her before she fell to the ground. Talina was too much in shock to saw anything. She stood up straight and tried to speck but couldn’t. She just gasped for breath, while she tried to talk.
Titus burst into flames, yelling in rage. He broke free from the spell from his own magic. “Step aside or you would’ve wished you would’ve never been alive!”
The man looked back at Titus and said, “If I wasn’t alive, she wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t want that, now would you? But then again, you did try to kill her. Now, isn’t that right, HAHAHAHA?”
Titus’ fist shot into flames clinching his fist, “You need to shut up about that. That was the past. No one knows the truth except me and her fath…” Titus’ eyes grew as bright as his hands, “No you can’t be, that’s impossible! He’s dead!”
Talina was standing in the middle of them with a look of disbelief. Titus looked over to Talina with a distorted look on his face. Talina looked at Titus like he was an outlier.
The man snarled, “Yes, yes Titus you were almost about to die. But I think Talina deserves to be the one to kill the person that tried to kill her. Wouldn’t you agree, Titus?” He stood by Talina with enjoyment while her face changed so many expressions in such a short amount of time.
Titus shook his head; “I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t want to kill you, I was sent for you then the leader of our, our meaning your father and I, group. He looked over to Talina’s father, “Can we talk alone about this alone, Talina and I?” Talina’s father took a few steps backwards. Titus grabbed Talina’s hand and sat her down on the couch. Talina just stared at the man in the room, with a dazzled look upon her face.
“Talina this may be a shock but, um he is your father,” he whispered turning to look at the man. Her father was reading a book on the table. He wasn’t paying any attention to them. Talina just looked at Titus with a sarcastic appearance across her face. Titus continued with a joking temper, “I was just kidding,” Talina still had her dim-witted look on her face. “I swear to you on my life that if I knew you before I was forced to kill any descendant of your fathers, I would’ve died before agreeing.” Talina looked away, “Please, can you at least say something or at least look at me?” he pleaded holding her head up. Talina just looked up and still said nothing; she closed her eyes and tried to mumble something.
“Can you hear me?” Talina thought.
“Talina was that—,” he whispered getting interrupted.
“So you can. Good just think really hard I will give you some of my power so you can have the energy to do so. Give me your hand,” Talina put her hands out, Titus took her hands.
He thought about what he was going to think and thought to Talina, “Am I doing it? Can you hear me? Why aren’t you talking normally?”
“If I know my father he has the best hearing out of any nation. If we can communicate like this, it’s safer.”
“Oh OK. How much time do we have until you run out of strength?”
“Not that much but I want you to do me a favor. Can you do that for me? Because I think you owe me, after what you tried to do to me.”
“I said I was sorry for that,” Titus just put his head down in shame.
Talina sighed and continued, “I don’t know, you will have to do something big for me to pay that debt. So can you do me a favor?”
“Fine. What is it?”
“OK. I want you to attack me.”
“WHAT?!?” Titus stared to get up but Talina held him down. “I am not doing that! Why in the world do you want me to do that?”
“Just trust me. Please my life may depend on you, like it always has,” Talina rubbed Titus hands, with trust.
Titus opened his eyes and sighed. He stood up from the couch and looked at her father. He was still reading the book. Titus looked back at Talina and thought of a better idea. He pulled out a pendant, the same one that Talina had when he first brought her to the ruins.
“I’m sorry but I need to do this for me and for you. I hope you will understand,” Titus whispered while looking at the pendant.
“Did you say something?” Talina’s father questioned curiously.
Titus looked at him and remembered a curse that the Queen had told him for the pendant. Titus enhanced it and pointed the pendant toward Talina’s father, “ENCARTIMONIA,” Talina’s father became paralyzed, and fell on the ground. Talina stood up with a nasty look on her face.
“I thought we agreed on attacking, um maybe ME! Why didn’t you trust me,” Talina straightened up and still talking when Titus grabbed her wrist and drug her out the room. “I mean why couldn’t you at least do what I want you to do.” Titus rolled his eyes and ran out of the castle.
“Can you be quite for five seconds, just hear me out please?” Talina stopped in her tracks with a shocked look upon her face. “Ok I did try to kill you, I did try to keep you safe, but I can tell you now, I am sorry, and I will protect you with all my strength and power. I was the little boy that you ran into that night when your father attacked your tribe, I was there to watch your father do the job, if he didn’t I was to kill him and any descendant, and if he did I was only suppose to still kill any descendant of his. But your father, your father never meant to betray you. Like you said, he had a power within him, he was in a trance. The Emperor of the Fire Nation was controlling him.”
Talina had a blank look on her face, “But couldn’t he say no to him?”
“He was captured. He had no choice but to join with them, your father had a great deal with the Water Nation Emperor, didn’t he?”
Talina was still looking confused, “yeah, he used to go out at night to the palace, one night I followed him and I heard him talking to the Emperor about a war. I was young so I didn’t think anything about it at the time.”
Titus’ face light up with joy, “We need to back to the queen and talk to Eldora,” Talina’s face built up with fury, her hands turned a bright blue. Titus put his hands on her hands and Talina’s hands stopped glowing, “by the way that was the woman who was here earlier today. She came by to see if you were still alive or well.”
“Why would she care? She was the one who attacked me, remember?” she still had fury in her face.
“Everyone thinks we are both died. Only she and Her Majesty are the only ones that know we are alive. The queen was the one that told me to take you here, so I did. Eldora felt bad for blaming you and attacking you. So she pleaded the queen to come here and to check up on you, so the queen let her. That is when she told me that they know where you are. That is why your father is here. To warn you, warn you from them,” Titus informed with a serious tone. Talina lowered her head down in shame.
“Oh, I guess I can forgive her, but I still don’t like her,” she raised her head. Her eyes had turned red and she started to laugh in a screechy male voice, “Hahahaha, you fool you think you can hide from me? Me, the one with all the power in the land, like I said, you can run and hide but I will always know where you are,”
Titus realized who it was immediately, “Get out of her, she doesn’t need this!” Titus yelled while grabbing her throat and picking her up from the ground, “If you harm her, I promise to you that I will be the one to kill you.”
Talina’s eyes turned back to normal and she was gasping for air, “Awww, Ti…tus…let,” she gasped for air again, “plea…its me…plea…se…”
Titus let go of Talina realizing it was Talina again. Talina hit the ground coughing. Titus bent down and helped her get back up; “I am so sorry,” Titus apologized quickly. Talina stood up rubbing her neck and still coughing.
“Are you just trying to kill me?” Talina asked chuckling a little.
“Are you all right?” he asked holding her arms.
“Yes I’m fine. I understand.”
“Well, you better be. But anyways your father I think is here to help you. I’m not sure. But that curse I did won’t last that much longer. It only stunned him and knocked him out for a while, so I think we should go back in there and talk to him. Do you think…” Titus turned around and Talina’s father was standing behind him.
“I think I can come out here and talk to you two out here, after all I am the one chasing you,” he continued when a brisk breeze blew by, “and there is a pleasant breeze outside tonight,” Talina’s father walked more out the door and walked to the wall and leaned against it. Talina slowly took a couple of paces toward Titus. He reached out his hands and pulled her behind him. “You think I am going to hurt you? Hahahaha why would I want to hurt you? If I did want to, I could’ve already killed you.”
Talina looked up to Titus, “Well he does have a point,” she whispered.
Titus took a few steps forwards while asking, “Then why are you here?”
“What do you assume I am here for?” he questioned.

Chapter 1 (of another story)


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