An Upsetting day

My Wife and I were in the car on the way home after doing some shopping today.

With just one shopping stop to do at the local store, I drove around the big park near where we live.

There is a junction with traffic lights at the top of a steep hill at the edge of the park, and there was only us and another car a way in front of us as we approached the lights.
All of a sudden two cats appeared, one chasing the other playing. The lead cat ran into the road and was just caught under the rear wheel of the car-it just seemed to run into the car from the side.
We pulled up onto the pavement and rushed out alerting the car driver (who I think felt he had hit something).
The poor thing was writhing as I opened the boot to get a blanket. We rushed back ready to comfort the animal, but by the time we got to it, it was all over. The poor thing had expired.
By the amount of bright red blood around I think one of the main arteries had been ruptured, although the cat was intact without obvious crush injuries (which helped).

So I handed the blanket back to my wife and carefully picked up the cat and laid it onto the pavement. It looked like a young to mid aged female, black and white with a pretty blue collar. I checked the collar but there was no ID.

My hands covered in blood I went back to the car to grab what I could to clean up and spoke to the driver involved, he was upset and I suggested that he knock on a few doors to see if the cat was local-or at least let somebody know if the owners put up posters when they found their cat missing.

My wife was very shocked and upset. We have 3 cats and a dog ourselves, but I comforted her in explaining that if anything like that were to happen to our animals, the best we could hope for is that somebody would take care to stop and see what they could do to help-as we did.
There was nothing more we could have done, 30 seconds and it was all over.

But the real saddest thing was the little Siamese that was chasing it’s friend, we last saw it just hanging around and trying to work out why it’s friend wasn’t playing anymore…..

We will get over it, at least it wasn’t a child, but we try and care for our pets and feel for the owner who has now lost a companion (although they may not know it until a few days time).

I just had to write this to get it off my chest, all I have to do now is try and cheer my wife up.


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