JAG Garcia is pleased to announce that his novel, On The Devil’s Web will be available at Amazon.Com, Barnes & Noble.Com,, and others beginning on May 12, 2008.

The book is currently available at:

About the book: ISBN: 1-60474-664-5, 305 pages, 6 × 9

Clayton “Clay” Ravens was a confident, ambitious, young attorney with a healthy sense of invincibility, who aspired to become a contracts expert under the guidance of Harvey Armstrong, a man motivated solely by money and greed, and who was one of the senior partners in the law firm of Powell, Armstrong & Maguire. A firm that catered to corporations, investors, and bankers.Unfortunately, for Clay, his career choice soon had him discharging the undesireable role as the lead counsel in a contract case like no other. A contract between Satan and the woman Harvey once loved deeply enough to kill for in a jealous rage—twenty-five years earlier. Things became more harrowing when Harvey made a blind deal that put Clay’s soul in jeopardy.The only soulution for Clay is to beat Satan at his own game, but is it possible for a a lawyer to outsmart the Devil?

ISBN: 1-60474-664-5, 305 pages, 6 × 9

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