'going to get the sack' so I need to make sales to make up for my imminent unemployment

Since joining redbubble I have been increasingly truanting from work. I drive through the Cornwall countryside to various meetings and appointments only to be distracted by a beautiful sky, piece of wood, pattern and drift off into a different world, then find myself in my office clothes tramping through farmers fields, standing on kerbsides, climbing through gorse on cliff tops to find the perfect view, scene, angle.Very often to the consternation of a local farmer, members of the public wondering if I am someone official or a bit nuts. Here i am in my idyllice pleasurebubble world, work completely forgotten, when my phone rings and my boss’s voice comes ringing out startling me back into reality, or I turn up at the next appointment splattered with mud, sand and bits of twig attached to my clothing. I find myself looking at the sky and thinking ‘I must leave early enough to catch the sky changing over the sea. Geez i’m having fun.

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