My new book is here! JAEDA shades of the soul - PREVIEW

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My new book, J A E D A shades of the soul is finally complete! HURRAY!

It is available in 3 different formats:
1. soft cover,
2. hard cover w/image wrap
3. and hard cover w/dust jacket.

The book is standard portrait size, 40 pages and is printed on premium paper with 8×10 full bleed images. ISBN: 978-1427639462

Detailed book information can be viewed here

You can virtually preview the first 15 pages of the book here.

Here is a sneak peak inside the actual book:

Thank you to everyone who encouraged and supported me with this book project.

I hope this book inspires and delights, makes you feel, connect and is able to transport you to soulful spaces. This was a labor of love and i worked very hard to make this book be the best reading experience it could possibly be!

j a e d a :)

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