Art Appreciaton

I want to thank each and every one that has viewed my work. The response in just nine days has been more than I could ask. Your kind words and wonderful support has given me back the desire to create again, which was something that I had all but lost.
When you are isolated from other art and artisains, it can be easy to loose the fire that burned with your first great creations. It’s like speaking a foreign language, if you have no one to speak to that understands, then it is put aside and only brought out on special occations.
Thanks to you and your appreciation I find the flame returning. After all, how can one have a great piece of art if it is never seen or appreciated? How can it be called great if no one knows about it?
Appreciation goes out to you, my fellow artists, as without you there can be no art.

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  • Rosalie Dale
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  • Jeri Dettenheim