...and 48 hours later!

I discovered Redbubble quite by chance a couple of days ago. An artist friend, Aimee Stewart (who I have yet to meet but will in Spain next year) sells her work on the site. Following a link from her website, I discovered the big red bubble! My excitement was palpable… You must understand that I live in a very small landlocked country in Africa: a place renown for it’s beauty and wonderful people but long-beset by economic and political woes. My home is in a mountainous region far from almost everywhere. To get here you must cross the Umvumvumvu and Biriwiri Rivers and wind your way to the tiny village of Chimanimani. The only market here is one that sells onions, tomatoes and bananas – there is no market for my work and no way of actually producing the finished articles. So, to find a place that I can place my designs on a variety of products (so quickly and easily) and available all over the planet, was like finding an oasis in the desert!

48 hours after uploading my first designs, I have made 4 sales! It may not seem like much, but all things grow from small beginnings.

Now I just have to slow down with bombarding all my friends and family with every new design I upload. Thank you, Redbubble – you have made me a joyous woman!

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