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Delayed response: June 20, 2012

I am trying to define my relief/gratitude for the Redbubble administration’s removal of a sender of a very disparaging bubble mail I received and reported a little over two years ago. I did not take the bubble mail personally, and I had forgiven the sender for the scathing language. The message was not a physical threat, but I read it as rude and something that I needed to report.

Within this two year period, I had revisited the b-mail and followed the link back to the user’s profile. The link brought me to his page, so I could see the person still had an account on the Bubble. This morning, I discovered the change in his status.

I had a few private conversations with some Redbubble artists concerning this matter, but no one from the administrative staff ever contacted me. Although I am puzzled by the delay in RedBubble admin’s actions. I am grateful to see the sender’s profile is no longer accessible.

Thank you RedBubble.

Sincerely, Beth Plastino AKA izzybeth

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