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Ever since the beginning of memory, I drew, painted, and crafted. As a child, above our family couch was a painting of lush woods and...

Desire Line Phases: Like the Moon

I wanted to show the documentation of this project. Laying down the bones of the piece was fun and whimsical. Usually, I have the idea about what I want to represent and then the work morphs. It really does begin to breath.

Media:Acrylic and India Ink: I remember playing with the ink, paper and straws as a child in grade school. So I did give it a whirl.

Emotions seem to echo in my art: I must lay this down. The past few weeks I have bottomed out into an emotional funk. I recognize depression in myself when I see it coming, and I have a hubby who is gentle and kind in calling me out of the woods.

Our daughter Ana"Lis is at an age of brooding and laughter—- right there. At 15 she is wise beyond her years. She took one look at this piece in the second phase, and she declared she wanted it. I had planned on trying to pretty it up a lot, but she liked the dark mood. So, I told her she could have the finished project.

The trouble is learning when to stop. When is a piece really finished? I did want to put color on to this, yet needed to convey a dark landscape. Opposing colors would do the trick…Red and Green.

I needed Red for my own grounding and Green is there for growth. Yes that must be it.

Time to move forward.

I thank God for medication and therapy and the a darn good Herbalist . The moon must be full.

Created in 2008

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