Maryville, United States

Ever since the beginning of memory, I drew, painted, and crafted. As a child, above our family couch was a painting of lush woods and...

work in progress

Work in Progress… Kind of describes me right now…

So, I decided to try something different… After painting an acrylic picture of flowers on a canvas that was strong enough to hold the glass, silicone, and grout I decided to move forward.

These illustrations are here to show my adventure through the process…

The above image is the acrylic painting, as is only image on board.

Next, I talked a kind man into cutting a bunch of glass (for a fee) so I could attach it to the painting with silicone.

Above is a copy of the original piece unmodified.
I simply grouted the work and prayed for the best…….

I figured it was worth a chance…The RedBubble community would not deny me?

So, after I fussied about with crop and so forth, I decided to look around in the maze of Photoshop elements.

I found a few filters I thought were great so I saved the images and decided to upload them.

I really do not want to do over kill with uploading of images many sophisticated digital artists would humph at. But I am loving the art and it is all very new to me…

Last, I have learned how to upload many images in one location such as this one journal page…

thanks to a loving technical giant of a friend…

Thank you Anthony oooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxx

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