Hello, RedBubble.

So. I’ve been contemplating selling photos for a long time because I get a fair bit of comments on my images in person and on FaceBook, but I hadn’t really investigated any venues to handle the logistics of it. I’ve seen a few other sites, but the quality of the work on here seems to be quite good on average, and there appears to be a good community that is passionate and friendly.

Here’s hoping my instincts are right, and that some of my images will find themselves adorning some walls and bringing happiness to those that see it.

I am not counting on making much money, but it’d be nice to see if I can start the ball rolling on perhaps making photography into more of a career, and that participating in this community will inspire and push me to develop my skills further. I’ve already discovered some very talented artists, and eventually I’ll need to fill my apartment walls…

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  • Lori Walton