The Awakening

Create some time with your Bubblepowers to watch these videos… 2012 is not a conspiracy or a theory, it is just a wonderful speech about the human mind, by Michael Tsarion….Zeitgeist is about a conspiracy, but not about a theory…I have researched this stuff more than I probably should have beause I have found it to be eerily true… It scares the shit outta me…I would rather know the truth, however horrible it may be, than run around blind and blissfully ignorant…. Check em out folks, and let me know what you think…………and all of you please continue to share your visions with us all……

p.s. sorry Kellie, get some flippin highspeed….your dialup is going to damage your face and it is tainting our collective unconsciousness….

p.s.s. I’m going to continue adding links to this journal….links that must be clicked….

Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism

2012 Michael Tsarion



and also check this out by a fellow RedBubbler Curtis Bard click me

and here is a little story about a very wise and sexy girl sexy girl

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