The Awakening part II...Idiocracy and the Election Day Blues...

I don’t believe in Democrats or Republicans, left or right, donkeys or elephants… I believe in right and wrong… Everything is wrong right now. Most people will respond; ’That’s just the way it is, let’s do the best we can with what we’ve got.’ argggghhhh What will it take for people to realize that the way it is is the way we made it ( in many cases, it is the way a few, very powerful people have decided to make it) Accidents don’t happen… In one way or another, a human,( or group of humans) is responsible for every single and collective problem we now face; be it the economy, civil rights, terrorism, corporatism, fascism, communism, starving kids in Africa, or starving Americans at home… Someone is responsible… Something should be done… No election or shuffle of the illusionary political venue will make this happen… We need to change our ideas… We need to change the basic makeup of what we have become in a society based upon survival of the fittest, greed, righteousness and accidents… Oops I destoyed America and freedom…And with it, the one place we can all call home… Planet Earth… Sorry! Now let’s see what Obama or McCain can do to keep this flawed system going ?! Yipeeee!!! I can’t wait to vote!!! People need to evolve… It is our nature to evolve… We are stuck in a system of greed and corruption that induces violence, deprivation and elitism… But it’s called a free-market… If it is truly free, and this is the best we can do, then the problem is not in the system itself but lies deep within the mind of the humans that participate freely… It is time for a change… Not a change in politics or systems, but for a change in the human process of thought… It is time to dispose of the out-dated, self-centered, and ignorant phase of mind, and to adapt to a more civilized form of inhabitance… Wake up, turn off FOXnews, read a book, read another, have an original idea, create it, share it, live it, love it, evolve it… Not for a dollar, but for the idea itself… Do something that will enhance the collective knowledge of us all… Human beings inhabit the Earth… We should stop pretending that continents, countries, states, cities, opinions, viewpoints and ideas; are from different planets… It is sad… Don’t let it be…

This is what is happening to us!!!

This is why

This is how it could be… —→ The Venus Project

Just an idea…

‘Life is a matrix of change; a series of exposures to elements of influence. A great life influences change and exposes the elements.’

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