Hi All,

I was speaking to a few RB friends and they were telling me to be careful what I upload because ART is showing up on other sites and being stolen. Now, I know Im not even CLOSE to some of the ARTWORK on here, BUT still, How can we prevent this?The watermarks obviously arent working, the right click button cannot be disabled….I am so upset that people cant even have a creative outlet and try to make a little money and be inspired without having to worry about this shit!!!!!I personally, now that I am figuring out PS and how to apply the tools, my mind is going crazy with ideas, BUT now Im hesitant about even posting them and that sucks!!!!

And what about all the AMAZING art on here, Gallery Quality, arent you guys worried, you all worked hard and someone comes along, steals it, tweaks it, and makes a bundle….Now maybe Im just slow on the uptake but I rather NOT give my Hours of work and ideas away for NOTHING!
And on that note, I must be an idiot, because I thought, the SALE Price was what WE THE ARTIST Received…not the few pennies that they send people….so with that being said….ALL PROCEEDS from any of my work will go to ST JUDE , if I only sent them 10% they would have NOTHING!
I would love feedback, am I over reacting? Is this Fair? Im just really discouraged now and I was on a Major High from this site! Anyway, any feedback is welcomed!


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