Unconscious, against the norm, decorum
Buckin the system, an intellectual vegetable
Unconscientiously objectin to the program
Feelin like ya got a better plan, a stance like a governmental, conventional
Occurrence, of mice n men
Society versus the individual, personal, makin it residential
Like livin the war on drugs, ignorance, on education, poverty n relations
Needin a hug, acceptin the rub, standin in line clutchin a club
When in reality, this is what gives things sanctity n probability, the possibility
Like the face of reality, little weapons high steppin
Rewritin history, disregardin the chicanery, its bout the veracity not the trickery
It’s the sagacity n the capacity to convert ya fantasy into actuality
Dancin to the beat of the street, virtually mimickin what you see
Usin ya mentality to change, rearrange the scenery
Unscrupulous, immoral, a street pharaoh
A tyrant bout emotion, hatin everyone n everything
Beg, steal or borrow, stuck in the moment
I aint concerned bout tomorrow
It may neva come, I shed no tears nor feel any sorrow
I’m on a block watch, like oglin crotch, on dat ass like a stop watch
Focusin on whose pockets are fat or wearin caps
Sleepwalkin, talkin, stalkin, balkin on any real involvement, just
Back slaps, givin dap, shootin craps, playin ceelo, dominoes or casino
Feelin the wind blow n hunger pains, goin insane
As if the demons of life are playin football in my brain, on a collision course
Wit grime n the grind on my mind, tryin to get mine, I don’t care bout whose dyin
If they aint fam, ilk, kin, beasts don’t have friends, crime is a line in the sand
I’m down for the crown, aint clownin, jestin, caressin the bleak
I’m playin for keeps, a prince on the creep, what do I know
Deep into bein a man, that figment of the firmament, pimpin everything I can
Bein worldly, seekin utopia, livin in hell, on earth
Like the postman, in position, summer, winter, spring n fall
Rain sleet or snow, ready to go
Whoever’s buyin, I’m sellin, lyin, stealin, schemin
Desire is a real thing, it can n will
Make you a king or kill ya dreamin, unconscious of the appeal, vileness
Just like spittin, it happens, dependin on what’s in ya head or ya attraction
Said or bein breed, fishin twitches, ifs like danglin hooks
Tryin to get them took like I was a master cook
A crook on a power trip, my minds on overdrive
Tryin to stay alive, survive against ignorance
An accident or on purpose, like 9-5, 24/7 whatever the revolution, rotation
The protester, demonstrator or objector
Festerin or a blessin, it’s a specter
Like an erector set, makin mole hills out of mountains
Creative like art work or bein a jerk
It’s thirsty like bein thrifty, nifty, a twist of reality
Dealin wit the certainty that I’m objectin on GP
Why should I have to follow you, it don’t mean a thing to me
I’m the principle in this scheme, my dream, who made you King
If your phone rings, it shouldn’t be for me
What I eat aint supposed to affect thee, assume the position
Get up off ya knees unconscientiously objectin to reality
Whatever, that might be.



Cleveland, United States

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