Forgive Me, For I Have Not Sinned

An angelic smile crossed her face as she sat with her hands folded in her lap, listening silently to the man in the room who was speaking. It was hard work, being a ‘yes-man’, but she did it perfectly. When the over-sized man looked towards her, she would nod or shake her head appropriately. When he was interrupted, she would scowl. When others agreed with him, she would smile. It was routine. It was what she was paid for.

Honey blonde hair trailed down her back, reaching to her waist, clinging to the woollen material of her cream sweater which contrasted to her black, knee length skirt. Emerald eyes swept around her, looking anywhere but at the man to whom she was listening to. Her wandering eyes then landed of a man of such allure that she could not move away. All sound was emitted from her mind, and a single, husky voice took over.
“Meet me outside my dear. We have much to discuss.”
Her body stiffened, and her movement stopped. She was rigid, staring blankly at the man… or at where the man had been moments ago. She heard someone saying her name, but she did not react.
Her eyes lost their glazed appearance, and they moved slowly to focus on the robust man who was glaring at her.
“Have you heard a word I have said? I don’t pay you to day dream, girl!”
“Sorry, Mr Willis, sir. It won’t happen again.”
“It’d better bloody not. Now hurry up, Mr Anders is waiting for us.”
“C-could you go on your own sir?”
The man’s face turned beet red, and he looked at her as though she was a vermin.
“What are you saying? You want to go off and do your own thing, during your working hours?!”
“I-I’m sorry sir, I am sorry for even asking such a thing.”
The man eyed her for a moment before nodding sharply and turning on his heel. After a moments hesitation, she followed him, eyes searching around her for the man who she had seen earlier, the man who she was sure had ‘spoken’ to her.

10 minutes. 20 minutes. 40 minutes. An hour passed, and Elisa shifted her weight uncomfortably in her seat, earning a glare from her boss. Her eyes moved over to the overly large window in the office, and she froze. With wide eyes, she stared at the man perched in a tree in the park across the road. it was him, wearing his dark cloak, hat, and sunglasses. He was watching her. She could feel his eyes on her, ordering her to meet him. She cleared her throat quietly, and silence filled the room. She removed her eyes from the window and saw Mr Anders and Mr Willis both looking at her with raised brows, and vague irritation.
“Is something the matter, Miss Peterson?”
“Ah, no. Nothing is wrong. But ah… I need to be excused for a moment.”
“Fine. Hurry back though, girl.”
She stood quickly, bowed her head in acknowledgement, and hurried from the office.

By the time she reached the exit of the building, she was jogging, breathing rather heavily and fighting to keep her balance in her high-heeled shoes. She slowed down as she walked down the front steps of the large office building, and walked slowly along the path towards the nearby road. And then she heard the voice.
“It’s about time.”
Yes, it was the same voice from before. She spun around, staring at the smirking man who was standing behind her.
“Wh-Who are you?”
She stated quietly, feeling a shiver flow through her body.
“My dear, I am your keeper.”
Her voice was monotonous, and she stared at the man.
“I am Vladimir.”
“Is that supposed to mean anything to me, sir?”
“No formalities, Elisa. I made a mistake by keeping you safe.”
“Please, sir, explain what you mean.”
Vladimir sighed impatiently, before indicating for Elisa to follow him as he walked down the path, heading for the park.

“Tell me Elisa, do you believe in Demons?”
“No, I am not a superstitious person, sir.”
“I thought I said to not call me sir. It is Vladimir.”
Elisa was silent, but nodded.
“Anyway, you had better start believing. I, Elisa, am a demon myself. Those like me are affectionately know as the Controllers. It isn’t a very creative name, but that is what we do. We control the sins. And I know now that I made a mistake in fully repressing yours. By doing that, you have never wronged, have you Elisa?”
“I have wronged many times.”
“No, Elisa, you haven’t. You have never succumbed to the sins, therefore you have not ever wronged. I kept you hidden from them all. Greed, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Pride and Wrath. I was foolish to do such a thing. So now I am removing all control I once had over you, Elisa.”
“I still don’t understand. I worked hard to keep myself like this, and I want to stay this way.”
“Elisa, I was the one that kept them at bay. But listen to me. I shall release but one sin at a time. Now, decide which ever one you wish. I cannot remain long, Elisa.”
“I do not believe in this, Vladimir, sir. I must return to the meeting.”
Elisa turned away from him, but Vladimir reached out and grasped her arm.
“Then I shall decide for you. But the consequences are great. You will have no control, and you deserve that. Expect a visit from Ira soon, my dear.”
“Wrath, my dear, Wrath.”
And he was gone.

Elisa walked dazedly through the halls, eyes unfocused. Many times she stumbled, and other people were forced to dodge around her. Her hand hovered over the door handle to the office where the meeting between the two men was being held, and she froze. Pain coursed through her body, and her mouth opened in a silent cry as her knees buckled, and she fell to the ground, the pain rendering her immobile. Her mind sunk into darkness, and she sighed as painless bliss overtook her.

Green eyes snapped open minutes later, and blinked as they took in the lopsided view of the world. With a quiet groan, she forced herself to stand, wobbling slightly. She reached out her hand and wrapped it around the door handle, twisting it sharply to allow herself into the room. The two men looked at her with utter impatience, and Mr Willis stood and stormed towards her she closed her eyes, awaiting the anger which would be unleashed upon her from her boss.
“What in blazes took you so long, girl?!”
“You should be sorry.”
Her arm lashed out, and her dainty hand grasped her neck tightly, pressing against his windpipe.
“Let me finish.”
Her eyes slowly opened, forcing a strangled cry from Mr Willis. The sparkling jade was no more, replaced by a deep scarlet.
“As I was saying, sir, sorry that I am going to do this.”
She turned quickly, pulling the robust man with her. She pinned him against the wall with one hand, a devilish smile caressing her lips now.
“It was a pleasure to work with you, Mr Willis. But here is my resignation.”

Her breath was laboured as she stood in the middle of the room, staring at the destruction around her. Nothing was left in one piece… not even the two men. A grin crossed her lips as she nudged the torso of her boss with the toe of her shoe. With a soft sigh, she moved to the door and closed the door behind her as she left the room. She leant back against it, closing her blood red eyes. A matter of minutes later, they opened again, the sparkling emerald returned.

As she walked through the main foyer, she stopped at the desk and leant against it, smiling at the young woman on the other side of it.
“Could you do something for me? Mr Anders’ office needs a bit of a… cleanup.”
The young girl smiled and nodded.
“Thank you dear. That makes me feel so much better.”
The young girl walked around from the other side of the desk, heading off to find a janitor. Elisa watched her as she walked away, and a deep scowl crossed her face as she eyed the gentle sway of the girl’s hips, and the slimness of her legs, protruding from beneath a short black skirt. As she watched the young girl, a feeling crept over her, and a sly smirk crossed her lips when she heard the voice, and replied to it quietly.
“Why hello, Invidia.”
“Tell me, Elisa, how do you feel looking at those legs, looking at that girl whose appearance is so much better than your own?”
“I feel… Envious.”
“And what are you going to do about it?”
“What else can I do? Eliminate the competition, of course.”

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