Craig Goldsmith

Sydney, Australia

NOTE : All Proceeds from Sales of my work go to support the link Steven T. Hill Foundation / Thank you for your Support of a very worthy...

I'm Blown Away

Firstly it can’t be said how talented the artists are in this community and how friendly everyone is. It really is inspiring, and well I wasn’t expecting so early on in the piece to be selling my works.
Things have really picked up the pace this week with my sales having just broken into their second page! Yay. I think I’m seeing the results of my various marketing strategies, and I hope I can continue this run of good luck. Mostly the cards have been selling and I think they will remain a top seller just because of the quality to price ratio (they are so cheap for the quality of the product, kudos RB team). The wife has also ordered a canvas and laminated print so I’m eagerly awaiting them to see the quality and show it off around family and friends.

Quick Tip : Order things to your work, not your home, that way you can unviel them in front of collegues and perhaps drum up some interest and possibly sales.

Who knows what the result of the week will bring. :)

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