Craig Goldsmith

Sydney, Australia

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Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

I know I owe you a number of Egypt stories, and they are in the pipeline so never fear they are coming but I’ve had a bit on. We’ve been waiting anxiously to find out if the office at work will be moving (if it is, you won’t see be much for sometime while I sort all that out). Friends just had twins, a boy and a girl, been helping another couple move house, still trying to track down my missing luggage, twice now they have “found” my luggage only to have it being completely and utterly the wrong bag. We visited another baby last night, she was so cute last time I saw her she was 1 day old, and now she’s 5 weeks and so much has changed, then after the visit we stayed at my mother in laws so didn’t have net access, so in short I haven’t had a chance to scratch my nose, let alone pick a few photos and edit my trip journal but it is coming.

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