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The Pharaoh Returns

Hey Everyone,
I’ve been back a few days from Egypt now, but recovering from a respiratory infection I picked up over there, so been a bit quiet and snowed under at work. I also lost my baggage but have been told I may be receiving it later then week (which is great news).
I had an absolutely fantastic time in Egypt and enjoyed myself to no end, I dressed as a local and wander the streets, ate fantastic food and made lots of new friends and penpals. I didn’t take as many photos as I predicted and that was partially due to me really embracing the holiday and just enjoying myself and the culture first hand rather then behind the lens. I still managed to rattle off over 7000 images and some movies to boot so I’m still importing the full collection onto my PC at home. Last night was my first chance to play with a few shots and I picked my favourite three portraits to share with my RB friends. I hope you all like them and the stories behind the captures. I was keeping a loose log of my adventures and travels so I am considering doing a slow release day by day account, with illustrations to accompany the account. There is a fair bit of work to get it up to scratch, but if there is any interest then I think the photos and stories compliment each other better then just images alone.

Well I’m glad to be back, and while I struggle to get on top of my work and into a normal routine please enjoy my three favourite portraits (thus far) from my trip photos.

Blue Eyed Stare

Cheeky Grin

Bright Eyes

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