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Sydney, Australia

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Many Miles and Many Photos

Hi Gang,

I have a few minutes spare to give you a quick update, today we drove from Edinburgh to a small suburb just north of Brighton, covering the entire length of England in a day, sigh tiring stuff and I was only a passenger. Since my last journal entry, we’ve been all over the UK, including Brighton, Bath, Sailsbury, York, Edinburgh and the scotish highlands. Yes I’ve taken lots of photos but I think somewhere in there I have suffered from photographers fatigue. There are just to many things, scenes and landscapes to capture and not enough time. To help matters it has rain every day bar one, for the whole trip, and at times has left us wet cold and miserable. I’ve done my best to keep my gear dry, but sometimes even the all weather cover of my bag offered no protections from the elements. That said all and all I am having a great time and have a few more postable shots that need processing when I get a moment so I’m glad of that. I am though very tired, and my feet are just falling apart with so much walking, puddles and mud. Less then a week before we fly back home, miss you all and wish you were here, even with the crazy rain.


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