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Finally Some Leica Images

I apologies for the delay, the first roll of film didn’t advance, and this the second roll I only finished this morning, but I have some prints and also a copy on CD, so I’ve sharing this completely unaltered (just resized). The first thing that struck us looking at the prints, is that it looks different and more real then my digital images. The colour reproduction is better, or more realistic lets say and the prints look way better then the digital versions (i’m not sure exactly why). The film used was very cheap ISO 400 colour film, I didn’t want to put good film in until I knew I could meter probably with it, I now have a light meter, so next roll won’t be a guessing game. (you can tell a few I guessed wrong), and the images have been underexposed. On a few images there is a big of a hazy circle in the middle of the image, I think that’s due to the sun hitting the lens and causing some sort of flaring. I’m on the look out for some sort of lens hood to see if that helps.

So without further ado, for those that have been patiently waiting, here they are.

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