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Red Bubble Calendars a Nerds Verdict

Well I’m a little late to the party, but as they say better late then never right ? I had the pleasure of a Red Bubble Calendar arriving to my work on Friday. Sadly I wasn’t at work on Friday I on the final day of a four day highly stimulating VMware training course (I did say this was a Nerds verdict). Below is a homage to Dave, his hat and his calendar pic.

Thankfully my wife also works at the same company and kindly opened my parcel and relayed via email that it was very cool, and that our co-workers were impressed, hard not to be with the brilliant works of James Pierce on display. I finally got my first glimpse of the calendar as I piled into our car on a Friday night road trip to Batemans Bay, and I was impressed. The calendar has a professional look and feel to it, the images are gorgeous and for a starting price of $20 AUD that is awesome value for money. If you do the maths, that is 13 images at $20 that is just over 1.50 per image, that is cheaper then Red Bubble cards and I thought they were the bargain of the century, I stand corrected ladies and gentleman the RB calendars are the new cards, a must buy especially with Christmas just around the corner.

I’ve already noticed (just got back from our sojourn to Batemans Bay) but a number of great reviews have already been posted, here , here and here

Here is the front page of the calendar, this is on a thicker paper and looks and feels great, I do think that perhaps the Artists name should appear on the cover from a marketing perspective.

Not wanting to rehash the other reviews too much here are the vital statistic, the calendars are A3 size which is 297mm x 420mm or 11.7in x 16.5in for our imperial readers. Doing a few nerd like measurements and calculations I’ve estimated the maximum image height to be 245mm and the maximum width 275mm, this of course varies depending on the aspect ratio and orientation of the image. It does mean for the most common 3×2 image ratio you will have some whitespace, but it feels well balanced. (see below)

The binder and the loop thingamajig are solidly constructed and definitely up to a years worth of hard use, as is the nice thick paper used. I purposely was rough with my copy, just chucking it into the boot with all our junk, and it came out fine at the other end of our journey.

Well in an effort to keep this short and sweet (and picture laden), overall I’m very impressed with the calendar, and I’m sure it will be a great seller. It’s a great product, it’s value for money, if the artist’s name is included in the front I think the package would be complete.

At the bottom corner there is a URL to the artist’s portfolio.

The week starts with Sunday (I’m glad they kept this format).

The image Title and Artist name are shown above the calendar and below the image.

Another sample image.

I’m sorry for the image quality, I wasn’t using a calibrated monitor.

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