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Last Day In Singapore

Its my last day in Singapore and well it has been so much more hectic then I expected. Between some unexpected IT issues and my planned work I spent more time in the office then I bargained for, that isn’t that suprising as is a common trend for my visits here. The additional spanner in the works was trying to fit in taking photos and also socialising after work, this mean getting home at 2-3am in the morning, hot , sweaty and ready to collapse from the heat. Regardless it has been a lot of fun, the pinnacle being a Chinese Wedding last night, 10 courses, friends and collegues all enjoying a great time and of course, plenty of photos (nearly 1000).

Anways my Redbubble friends I have 20Gb of photos so far and now the real holiday begins tonight we fly to Paris, and I won’t be in contact for some time! Everyone stay safe and post some awesome work (I’ve got no doubt you will) so I can browse it all when I get infront of a PC next.

Au reviour!

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