Craig Goldsmith

Sydney, Australia

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It's been a while

Hey fellow RB addicts!

It’s been a while since I’ve spent any decent time on the bubble, and the withdrawls have been bad. Today I finally got some time to take my rolls of film into be developed from the Leica. Sadly the film hadn’t advanced, and I got zero photos. The guy at the store and I managed to get the next roll on properly but it was after a number of tries so I’m going out tomorrow in an attempt to really capture my first real Leica images. So as I shed a tear for those I’ve already lost I"m preparing for tomorrows photographic adventure. Batteries have been charging all morning, lens, and sensors need cleaning, and I thought I might actually process a few more shots and if they come out ok upload something new to the bubble as an update is well overdue.
As to my disappearance work has just been eating into all of my bubble time, hopefully it will calm down a little later, but at the moment I get very little time to myself.


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