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Feels like forever

Hi Bubblers,

Well it feels like forever since I’ve actually spent any time on RB, in fact so much has happened recently I find it hard to know where to start but I’ll try to briefly recap what’s happened in my absence. But firstly I want to say I’ve missed you, and it’s been hard not to have the witty banter and encouragement from my friends here, and there is sooo many pieces of art I’ve missed out on!

So while I was gone :

I lost 15kgs – a big positive as I was hovering around 100kgs and that was not healthy for someone my height or build, I’m still working on trimming down and building muscle to replace the remaining fat. However somewhat difficult by the next point.

Over trained and gave myself a stress fracture in my right leg, not one of my best moments but it has made the fitness regime a little tricky, but I’m relatively mobile at the moment.

Had my life consumed by a very intense office relocation, with ever shortening deadlines, a great amount of stress and just no time for the internet, friends or anything really(outside of work). Fortunately it all went smoothly as we now have a cool new office, and some awesome infrastructure, and hopefully thing can settle down again.

Had a emergency trip to Singapore for work, would of been more fun if I didn’t have to work so hard, and the first time I haven’t take 100’s of photos over there, which was a bit of a shame.

Had a pregnancy photo shoot that actually went really well, thanks to the RB who helped me with ideas and suggestions before hand.

So that’s in in a nutshell, and in a weeks time I fly to Boston for work and then a well deserved holiday to Scotland and Ireland and a little time in London. I’ve been told the trip is more holiday and less photography then last years so bearing that in mind I wont be camping out castles for 9 hours, but I will try to bring back some more photography to share with you when I get back in September, if I can I’ll check in from the road but I don’t know if and how that will work.

Thanks to all that commented, or sent bmails wondering where I’d got too, it was nice to know I’d been missed!


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