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More Goodies have arrived.

Well came back from lunch to find a big parcel waiting for me at work, as per my earlier JEs I made a big fuss opening it up, but made a bigger fuss when I saw my Large Canvas of Front Row Seats. The quality is awesome, the photo looks 50 times better in print then I’ve seen it on any screen even a calibrated one. The build quality is excellent amazing light, and thin which is excellent and just what we were hoping for (we have weak walls at home, don’t want to damage the plaster). Out of the box next came a Small Laminated Print of Eilean Donan Castle firstly it was bigger then expected but secondly the quality on it signicantly better then expected to the point where I can see a few things I’d like to touch up (on a SMALL). Can you tell I’m excited, because I’m excited. Then we had a whole host of great cards, some we’d seen before but a few from other members I’d like to mention as they are great.

We got a few of The Happy Bear by Damian one of my wifes favourite RB images. And also some great images from Jon Dawes including Feeding Time which is super cute.

Anyway we are really impressed again by the level of service, the quality (its amazing) and even the care in wrapping and shipping the goods to make sure it arrived in tip top condition. Thank you Red Bubble!

Please excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken at work with a brand new P&S but here are a few shots of me enjoy the Redbubble goodies delivered, if people would like some close ups of the canvas I was going to shoot some tonight with the DSLR, but the quality is magnificient!

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