Craig Goldsmith

Sydney, Australia

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Bubble Burnout

I think I’m suffering from Bubble Fatigue or Bubble Burnout, my addiction has gripped me hard but now I can’t seem to leave the bubble alone, yet I can’t seem to find any material to share. Everything I look at seems inferior to the great work already shared by so many. Fellow addicts, please tell me you have some coping mechanisms or strategies to apply when your feeling over bubbled. I need to find a balance a place of equilibrium before Bubble mania completely takes over my existance. I find my hands are calmy, a little shakey, my vision fades in and out a little. I must have at least one window if not more open at the bubble at all times. Car rides home are hard to bear I have to nap or listen hard to music on the radio just to make it home, then I’m back on hoping that someone I’m watching has added something. How can I rein in my addiction and gain control of my waking hours ?

((Possibly exagerated a little for dramatic affect, based on a true story)).

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