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Design 273 by InnerSelfEnergy
Design 273 Womens T-Shirt Front
+ 17 colors


  • Solid colors are 100% cotton; heathered fabrics are 90% cotton, 10% polyester
  • Ethically sourced
  • Slim fit, but if that’s not your thing, order a size up
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Design 273
Designed by InnerSelfEnergy
*This Inner Self Energy Symbol design can be used to correct a wide range of energy imbalances.* The Inner Self Energy Symbol is the result of over 25 years of kinesiology-based self-testing and personal research. The Inner Self Symbol design acts as a visual link to ‘energetic software’ that your inner self knows how to use to resolve energy imbalances. All Inner Self Energy Symbol design variations are equally effective. TRY IT OUT NOW! *General Instructions* (Read through carefully before starting) 1. Stand comfortably. 2. Close your eyes and focus on something you may find stressful. 3. Let your Inner Self indicate if it is truly stressful through the following actions (Move backward onto the heels of your feet = Stressful, Move forward onto the balls of your feet = Not Stressful) 4. When you have a backwards indication then look at the design while focusing on the stress until you come right forward (and remain forward) on the balls of your feet. 5. Re-check your balance response. You should now move forward not backwards. (indicating that the energy imbalances relating to this stressful situation have been corrected). You may also feel / notice the difference if you are energy sensitive. _Sometimes you may waver forward / backward for an extended period. This indicates a number of corrections / levels being addressed._ 5. Repeat this process as required for other stressors. *Instructions for Kinesiologists:* 1. Get the person to focus on something stressful, or a specific problem / technique. (Weak muscle response). 2. Have the person view the design above for 60 seconds (or check for the required time). 3. Retry No. 1 (The muscle repsonse should now be strong). +Consider purchasing this design as a Greeting Card or Postcard and sending it to a friend who needs help resolving stressful issues. The easiest way to use this design is just to look at it while focusing on a stressful situation, etc. and wait for positive change. This design works automatically through sight.+ For More Information: "Click Here": or go to "": Email: "" +Disclaimer+ Inner Self Energy Designs are designed to work with your Inner Self to correct energy imbalances and promote self-development. They are not meant to take the place of appropriate medical care. If you have a medical condition, please consult a medical practitioner.
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Womens T-Shirt

Design 273 by InnerSelfEnergy