It's hard to get started.....

It seems so hard to get started…anywhere. So often it feels like the world is so big and I am so small and insignificant; that contributing in a way that counts is impossible. I am so impressed by all of you – all of the amazing artwork and beautiful words! I love surfing through everything; finding inspiration and experiencing the emotions so much of your work evokes. I hope that I will continue to learn through this site, and even if it turns out that my photography isn’t up to par, I know it will continue to improve because of what I see and learn here. So…thank you to all of you – those who contribute amazing work for me to learn from and a special thank you for those of you who have commented on mine. I would also love any tips on how to really get involved in this community – I’m a little socially inept :-)… Must be all the years of home-parenting!

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  • Natalie Rodríguez