Hello to all....

This is my first night on redbubble, and so far I love it! I have read beautiful words, been granted the right to view beautiful images, and witnesses compassion and humor — this site is just what I need!

And introduction to me….I am a mother of three amazing children who, collectively, drive me to the limits of my sanity on a daily basis. They are three, five, and nine – each with wonderful talents and headstrong personalities that both make me wonder how I will survive through their childhood, and how I will survive when they are grown away from me.

I do not consider myself a photographer…I think I am more like a poem that has not been written yet.

I love capturing the beauty in all I see, but I am most drawn to those images that are able to provoke an emotion; I have yet to learn what provokes emotion in others, which is why I cannot call myself a photographer. I hope that you all will help me learn what I am doing right, and – most importantly – what I am doing wrong and can do better.

So – please – take the time to comment, just a little, on some of my images. I will undoubtedly appreciate each and every one!

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