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we are encouraged to scrabble around re-cycling everything , using less water , & turning off lights to reduce our carbon foot print . all well & good , when our governments are using huge amounts of fossil fuels to test jets , weapons & the like which may never actually be used ! the only way to reduce the effect we are having on our poor old planet s for everyone to be less wasteful that includes the powers that be ! most re-cycling is not really doing much good as it takes so much energy to collect & process it !
I am all for real recycling which involves re-using items such as plastic cartons , plastic bags , old clothes & card board & composting , for example a cereal box in my house once empty becomes a scribble pad for drawing on , this is then cut into patterns for my quilts ( which also contain re-used fabrics ) when the patterns are no longer usable compost them along with all the scraps of card & bio-degradable fabrics , my quilting projects are stored in re-used bags , the bags are then re-used as bin liners . veggie trays are used to filled with home made compost to grow seeds of veggies which I have collected from veggies we have eaten & 90 % of the waste food scraps on our plates are fed to our doggie , who will eat almost anything & we don’t leave much ( along with his dog food he considers it a treat ) .
yes we all need to consider the distance things we buy have to travel to get to us & the packaging it is marketed in , but most shops do not give you the choice to buy local foods at sensible prices ! ( so I choose to grow as much as I can ) .
my biggest bug bear at the moment is junk mail ! how is it that companies are allowed to produce so much waste just for the purpose of advertising ? 99% of junk mail is thrown away with out more than a cursory glance . another bug bear , we are encouraged to shred our sensitive waste paper , which uses electricity , when to rip it up by hand & compost it is much less wasteful & you can grow your next years veg in your old bills !

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