Symbiosis chapters 3-5

Chapter 3
In fairyland everything was powered by sugar, trains, cars, buses, aeroplanes… everything. There should have been enough sugar to go round for everyone, but there wasn’t because there was a sugar baron called Sweetie Glut who horded the sugar and asked enormous prices for it.
Sweetie Glut lived in a cone and could not move very far without getting someone to lift her. For this task and many other tasks she had the Devil’s Advocate as her helper.
On one summers day Sweetie Glut was counting her sugar cubes when a bee kept buzzing around, ‘Stop hovering around my sugar piles you bothersome bee!’
The Devil’s advocate was nearby. Today no one had poured lemonade on him and turned him into a fluffy-duck. ‘It never occurred to me, that bees might try and make honey out of your piles,’ he said
‘They don’t,’ said Sweetie Glut, ‘they just want to look. They like the way my cubes are designed. But they always end up telling me that hexagons are far superior.’
‘I could cut off their wings for you if you like,’ the Devil’s Advocate offered. ‘Expensive though. They’ve got some sort of nasty tail to them I don’t want to follow up on readily.’
Sweetie Glut had other plans…‘I’m looking into how many hexagons I can use to cube that dragon’s dimensional construct at the moment. Care to help?’
The Devil’s Advocate put his finger to his chin. ‘I could put a sugar cube into the jaws of Heck or something. I was told that place existed, I’m still trying to find it, to smelter the sharpest tools possible. If you can tell me where that is, I’ll try and do it for you.’
The Jaws of Heck were located beneath Fairyland and to get to them you had to travel via a vortex, that was of course powered by sugar. It took a lot of sugar to power a vortex. Sugar that Sweetie Glut was not prepared to waste on a vortex! ‘Perhaps we can capture that dragon and use the dragon’s flame to turn the sugar liquid like honey and then, then, maybe then we can make hexagons like the bees do and they can never act superior again.’

Goldi was very good natured, when the Devil’s Advocate tried to drag the dragon by the tail, Goldi simply said, ‘Where do you want to take me, you’ll get nowhere trying to drag me, I’m way too heavy.’
‘Sweetie Glut has requested that she see you,’ the Devil’s Advocate said.
‘Very well, I will go,’ said Goldi, ‘Tinsycat stay here while I go see the sugar baron.’
It wasn’t very long before Goldi reached Sweetie Glut who looked cross. ‘Getting into the sugar piles haven’t you?’
‘I never, I honestly would never. Unless they were left carelessly lying around,’ said Goldi crossing her fingers behind her back. Well, sort of more to the side where Sweetie Glut couldn’t see them, Goldi’s hands didn’t stretch around her body.
‘They’re mine!’ said Sweetie Glut
‘Didn’t know you could mine for sugar. I thought it grew on trees,’ said Goldi and turned away. ‘Got to go now, I have a hungry kitten to attend to and kittens never eat sugar so you shouldn’t be bothered at all.’
Goldi would’ve flown back if she had wings, but since she was a wingless dragon she stomped all the way back to her cave where Tinycat was waiting hungry and thirsty as usual.

Chapter 4
Meanwhile Ange was still having her wings wet by Grumble. She’d been trying out a new piece of equipment. It was supposed to send Grumble back up into the clouds where the rest of his family were instead it made Grumble cry more than ever. He accused Ange of trying to kill him. ‘I just wanted a nice play today and everything has gone horribly wrong,’ said Ange.
Grumble replied, ‘I wanted some ice today and I can’t make it because I’m too low to the ground! I’m so tired of all these bothersome things. I just want what brings daddy down to me. All he’s done so far is throw lightening. I want more snow daddy. Please give me more snow. I’m so bored hanging over this stupid fairy all day.’
Ange tried to encourage Grumble, ‘Hey. I’m sure you could make snow too.’
‘I’m not big enough yet and I have to be high up in the air to do that,’ said Grumble.
Just then Ange came across a pile of sugar cubes. ‘Wow! Look Grumble…sugar’. Fairies live off sugar and honey, it’s the only thing they eat. Ange took a bite of the cube and another bite and another until she said, ‘Woah. I’ve eaten too much. I’ve been greedy.’
Hopping on her cone Sweetie Glut arrived, ‘I’ll extract the sugar out of you and eat it if you’re not careful.’
Ange replied, ‘I am so sorry. I didn’t realise this sugar was yours.’
‘Too late for that, we must extract that sugar from you,’ Sweetie Glut whistled for the Devil’s Advocate.
Ange held up her hand, ‘That’s not necessary. I can steal some sugar from the fairies for you.’
‘It better be good. There are so many engines to run around here that my supplies are getting short. I can’t do favours you know,’ said Sweetie Glut.
Ange held a lock of hair shyly in her hand, “Well maybe I don’t need you. But if you want me. I’m going to show you how much I can do to make a change around here so you’ll have all the sugar you want. I probably could turn that log right there into sugar if you wanted me to. All you have to do is believe in me.
‘Really? Prove it,’ said Sweetie Glut.
Ange shook her head, ‘Not while the Devil’s Advocate is still around, he messes with my spells and turns them back to front. It’s why I’m stuck with this grumbling rain-cloud.’
The Devil’s Advocate appeared from behind a tree. ‘Don’t jerk me around and I won’t feel the need to drop a stone on your lovely little left wing.’
‘Well,’ said Sweetie Glut, ‘bring me the sugar before noon tomorrow or it’ll be your left wing.’
‘I don’t use my wings anymore anyway but still I will bring you the sugar.’
What Ange had to do was remember the fairy’s secret recipe. She did this by meditating and so she said to Grumble, ‘Please don’t rain on me for the next few hours, I need the sugar to be dry when it appears otherwise it will all absorb into the water.’
Ange meditated and soon a pile appeared before her, but just as she was about to open her eyes, Goldi had spotted the sugar and had started to eat it. Soon it was all gone except for a tiny bit on Goldi’s fingers.
Ange took a deep breath in, ‘Did you eat my sugar Goldi?’
‘Num num,’ said Goldi.
‘Goldi ate all of it,’ said Tinsycat. ‘But I don’t like sugar so I didn’t have any.’
‘That won’t be good for you Goldi, it’s really only mud, but it seems like sugar. I made it to fool the sugar baron Sweetie Glut.’
‘Tasted like sugar. Not as good as strawberries though. I ate a whole patch of strawberries the other day. So yummy!’ said Goldi. Goldi breathed some flame.
Ange backed away.
‘I hate people who are nervous around me because I’m big and tall,’ said Goldi. ‘I just wish they were all friendly and I wouldn’t burn them.’
‘Sometimes I get nervous,’ said Tinsycat.
‘Yes, but I know how to recognise you now.’
‘I wanted someone who actually thought of me as something beautiful. But no one does. If I could learn to purr maybe I could be cute? Could you teach me that?’ said Goldi.
Tinsycat smiled, ‘It might not sound the same.’
Goldi’s stomach grumbled.
‘That’s not a purr!’ said Tinsycat. ‘Like this.’ And Tinsycat demonstrated. ‘You have to think about something that makes you really, really happy. I always think of my mummy.’

Chapter 5
The Devil’s Advocate had just spent a day as a fluffy duck after some Vamps poured lemonade on him. For a whole day, all he could do was quack! His normal eloquent tongue had turned into a whole lot of quack.
Today the Devil’s Advocate decided to track down Goldi and make some demands, but Goldi was resisting doing what was asked.
‘I have enough going on in my life,’ said Goldi. ‘I’m trying to quit burning things down. I’m trying to look after a little kitten. Don’t make demands of me. Most don’t even acknowledge my existence. So why would it be relevant to you what I do?’
The Devil’s Advocate tried flattery, ‘That’s precisely why we want you. We love what you do.’
But Goldi knew the Devil’s Advocate was just smooth talking, ‘I don’t believe in you. Wish you’d disappear. Maybe I could just burn you to cinders.’
The Devil’s Advocate then tried to outsmart Goldi, ‘Now you know why people don’t believe in you. They don’t want to be burnt.’
Goldi knew people ignored her when their house was burning down, believing it to be anything else other than a dragon that had caused the house to go up in flames. ‘Ha. Still get burnt either way. Just that you don’t think I did it.’
The Devil’s Advocate sneered, ‘Well see that you look after that kitten eh. Something you care about. Ha. Well, we’ll see.’
Goldi stomped on the ground, ‘Get out of here you you you you think you can use me. You don’t love me.’ Then Goldi blew a flame so long it turned one of Sweetie Gluts piles of sugar into toffee.

Symbiosis chapters 3-5

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Seddon, Australia

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Symbiosis is an illustrated book I started some years ago and stopped after my father died and haven’t got round to thinking about until now. I think I’d like to complete this book with colourful pictures of the characters, namely: Tinsycat and Goldi, Ange and Grumble, Sweetie Glut and the Devil’s Advocate.

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