Riding with Morpheus

It’s not exactly sleep-walking, it’s more sleep-waking, but it’s somewhere in between worlds, a limbo of not quite awake to reasoning and logic and not asleep to people and things around. In this state of sleep-waking the person is able to move and think about what is going on. But it’s like two things are happening, the waking world and the dream world and the person is experiencing both at once.
I want to find a way of describing that state of riding with Morpheus. It can be a wonderful fantasy of magic and strange coincidences, but it can also turn nightmarish.
Think of how a cool pool feels during a dream. Think of how if someone stabs you in a dream, you feel it. In a waking-dream the mind creates a belief system where-by you can feel cold suddenly amongst other things. It may be that you think it’s the presence of a ghost. It might be that you think aliens are conducting experiments. It could be some sort of human psychic power/voodoo thing going on. Whatever it is, the mind justifies it and the dream keeps going. The person gets up out of bed, walks around and the dream keeps going. Weeks go by, months even sometimes years. And if the belief system of the dream is not broken, the dream keeps on going.
The person is still in touch with reality. They see, hear and feel all the things going on that everyone else does, it’s just that they also have the virtual reality of the dream playing parallel to that and this makes it hard for the person to be a hundred percent focused on what is going on for other people.
Psychiatrists often get recommended. The person gets detained in hospital and tranquilisers are used. Innocent sleep-wakers, who have done nothing wrong are condemned to harsh chemicals that cause numerous bodily dysfunctions. The person starts twitching, they sleep all the time and they feel miserable. Sometimes the jolt of being in hospital and wanting to get out can make the sleep-waker’s focus shift so that they wake up from the parallel dream-world and close it off, thinking how silly they were to believe in it. Other times that doesn’t happen at all, the person just becomes more lethargic with twitching stiff muscles and inhibited pleasure receptor sites.
Psychiatrists continue with their parallel belief system that the pills help a person feel better, even though all their patients tell them that they feel worse and they don’t want to take the pills. Psychiatrists are backed up by the government and they are allowed to detain people without charge. None of the people in the psychiatric hospital are criminals, so they couldn’t be charged in a court of law. Those who are criminals go to a prison psychiatric facility. It’s a different place with higher security. Newspapers report stabbings in such places and call them psychiatric hospitals and so people think innocent sleep-wakers put into psychiatric hospitals are criminals.
There are blanket labels used for people. They are cruel names. They are names that do not help the person. They hold that person down and inject their chemicals into them and those names get written down as part of the person’s record. It is traumatic.
Then an order is issued to treat the person for a number of years and the person must comply with everything the psychiatrist says to do. Even if the tablets cease mensuration, cause lactation and also cause osteoporosis, the person is still required to take them. The psychiatrist will not let the person, (even if they are no longer a sleep-waker and have fully woken up) off the community treatment order until they agree with whatever the psychiatrist believes is wrong with them. The psychiatrist wants the person to learn their lessons see: that psychiatric care is the best solution and they are the cure to every problematic thought.
The criteria for release is a kind of a yes sir, only: yes doctor, of course doctor. Then the person has to repeat what the doctor has said, ‘Yes I’ll keep taking the pills, don’t want a return of the psycho oasis.’ And ‘I’ll keep seeing a doctor to keep me well, apples just ain’t good enough anymore’ and ‘Those tablets mm mm mmm they are good little white gumdrops let me tell you! Even though they smell like mice poo, they is good for me I know, because the doctor said so.’
I want an alternative for sleep-wakers. I don’t want them to have to go through all this. I want them to have a group in the community that understands them better, who can say: wakey-wakey and break the belief system that is causing them to sleep. I want that possibility, people who can take them off Morpheus’s horse, when its galloping at full speed. Get the horse to woah down, so the person doesn’t hurt themselves as they get off. It would be nice that, if people could rouse sleep-wakers in a way that was kind.
Staff working in motels are told to keep a towel at the desk at night because they sometimes have naked sleep-walkers come to the desk to check out and they don’t want their guest to feel embarrassed when they wake up. I’d like the same courtesy to be extended to sleep-wakers, because it is embarrassing when you realise you’ve been walking around talking about a dream that’s going on, saying all sorts of weird things. Where’s the nice soft towel to hide the emotional nakedness of the sleep-waker once they’ve woken up?
Morpheus states are interesting studies. I think that people need to really listen to what the person who has been through them says, rather than those with Doctorates in medicine think they can pontificate on things they have not experienced. Pontificate like phrenologists did on the head of our ancestors, trying to make out that certain features of the scull made a person less of a person. Phrenology was a belief system gone wrong, a nightmare state of collective belief in doctoring doctors, just as psychiatry is. When is the population going to wake up and stop riding with Morpheus? Humanity walks semi-asleep until they recognise the legalised lies and listen to the people who know.

Riding with Morpheus

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Seddon, Australia

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Non-fiction article about sleep-waking, a state of mind that is much misundertood by society and medical personel.

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