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Golden rules by Initially NO

Rainbows aren’t a crime

Charge me with an offence. / Don’t say that’s irrelevant / Because that’s not making sense.

I do not have

I do not have / A religious belief / I am not married

Like a shadow at noon

He was a tall man / Like a shadow at noon / ‘Don’t waste your life,’ he said.

Patronising the shells

The tidal waves were going / To slaughter them all

Under the rainbow

Images within images / Mirrors that bend / On forever reflecting

Chris Waller lecture

Got to have a point to start the line / Figure it out / What shape shall it take / The design / Is the principle / That works / At the emph…

How could you

How could you not know? / Don’t you care about me? / How could you not know? / We’ve talked about it / A zillion times. / How could you not…


Bliss thought to infinity

Protesting my arrest

We protested loudly / We made ourselves heard / We let ourselves be known / And together raised the tone.

The story of the virgin birth

Now, I don’t know much about history / But this little tale was told to me. / It’s about a baby born / And how a vagina got torn / That fat…

On long threads

Little spiders / On long threads / Were flying through the sky / Icarus like, near the sun / A swirl of them

Crawled out of my shell

Crawled out of my shell / And decided to be a slug / Rather than a snail.

Beautiful wondrous star

What I don’t get / Is that you’re still unrecognised. / I’d like to see your work / All over the world / And beamed into space / In case th…

So hard to watch

It is so hard to watch / Our parents fragment / Into frailty. / Their thought’s command / Go askew.

Tear-drop sized

Careful, careful, / Scary, scary / Don’t look too much / Or you might see / What it is that / Makes you silly.


She kept speaking though, even as they Jesused her. / She kept trying to tell them how and where and who. / And to stop crucifying her for …

Coffee band

‘Coffee is meant to pick up your pulse / If it puts you to sleep / There’s something weird in the mix,’ / Said the fella with the sticks.

Threads of belief

Threads of belief are / Unravelling the shirt I wear. / Cotton on tangles.


I took a turn / Then turn again. / I flipped the page / Then spun around / Like my head was hanging / On a string

To butterfly

Caught in a fold / Of someone’s hands / I feel like a butterfly / My thoughts meandering; / My feelings fluttering around; / My tongue, it …

A fan’s rapture

That space between the rhyme / Is where I wait for you / Wondering what I can’t anticipate / And loving the eventual fate.

What they that say…

Don’t talk about our x-rays / And if you let that loose lip slip / About our cell cluster cultures / That mix people together / So that lab…

Gifts and thanks

Shift the gear into something known / About what was opened and shown / And drive back with a mountain of thankyous / To all those who did …

The mice and men thing


A very good listener

I tell God, because God / Always listens to such things. / And never once says / Quit your bloody complaining. / I’ve got other things to t…

Exist to exit

Like to just smile / For a long fucking while / And complete the guile


Ug. Erk . Eek. / Slug crawl sleep / Yawn scorn / Wish I’d never been born / Tear wreck forget


I must be invisible / Not even there today / Something has made me disappear. / The world doesn’t send an invite / I don’t exist to their s…

You’ve got to really love people

The people you’ve got to love / Make a disaster but yet they still survive / So many of them doing different things / That look the same to…

Insecure position

It’s a haze, a mist, a techno daze. / Something to be phased out / Kicking it out, rolling it in. / Monster things. / Get us out of here. L…

Seven of nine

Seven of nine you are so fine / With your luscious lips and pouting boobs, / Ocular implant over the eye / And suit that says: she ain’t sh…

City scarred and scared

Blowing up the world / Taking away those uglies / Making the bastards pay / For standing in my way.

This part of the earth’s skin

This part of the earth’s skin / Love this part of the earth’s skin / The hairs upon it, / Sweat pool lakes and rivers / And mountain range …

So many links

So many links to / Things I might enjoy viewing. / ’lectronic forest!

Tom’s potential light-bulbs

There was a young man named Thomas / Who really didn’t show much promise. / His teacher said he was addled / And that he needed to be paddl…

The ninja is on time

The ninja will split you / In seconds. / The ninja will dice you / Within a minute. / The ninja will mash you / Within an hour.

Symbols to heal

That place within / The body / That is always / Trying to do something.

I want, I want, I want…

I want, I want, I want… / I salivate for the dog’s breakfast / In a nightmare where / I am in a cage of my own / Conceptual creation.



Protection and duty of care

Not all members of the community / Are aware that they can anytime / Call psychiatric services / On a person who / Has a history of attemp…


Horrible horrifying hormones / Bouncing around my bones / Making me feel all pimply / And think of naked jigglies.

What more do you want me to say before the end of…

The sun is not the enemy when it burns / Nor is the moon your friend, / Listening and commenting on your howling.


A whole community / Tasted the sound / And smelt the meaning / Of those words

When nothing came out

I thought I could speak tonight. / Opened my mouth and nothing came out. / I wanted to say so much, / Needed to scream and shout, / But not…

Faery dust in the pockets

Faery dust in the pockets / I have faery dust in my pockets / To sprinkle on the road / And make rainbows appear

They tell me to be quiet

When I’d rather cause a riot / And have everyone screaming / Out their eccentric meaning. / They tell me to be quiet / But my stomach is on…

Going back

I have to look back though. / I have to keep doing that / Until I’m numb to it. / I can’t have history / Upsetting me.

Proud mother

A mother can be proud / Of what seems insignificant / And silly to others.

How much I love my friends

How much I love my friends / Despite all the bends / I’ve gone around / That tend to astound / Those in their right mind

I don’t understand you

Well let you explain it to me / Let’s have a talk / Let’s open up / And try not to balk / At the reasoning to be solved

Tram ride

I would’ve fallen over / If I hadn’t gripped / The handle on the seat.

He hated his life

He hated his life / He was only thirteen / Hated his life / Like so many teenagers / Around the globe

Lemmoning micky

That woman sitting by / But she has a little trick / In her handbag / It’s a wafer of lemoning / She puts it in the glass / Whil…


With an atmosphere so keen / Such an easy flow / Becoming part of the seamless stream / It’s a place of magic I’ve got to go.
Flying by Initially NO

There was a woman who was awry

There was a woman who was awry / She said she wanted to fall down and die. / She tried many ways / It was a passing faze / That ended when …

Doubt on the table

There is not much light / In the room / Where cards are shuffled / On a old wooden / Coffee table


I took so many paths / Such that I didn’t know / Where I was anymore / One twisting here / One winding there / Two crossing over / And brid…

Woetic pashing

West bitches and lewd guck!

The shadow realisation

The moment I saw something coming / I realized who I was / And that I wasn’t the person


All the way to Quebec. / Not a Lima, golf though / Heat is off.


Ease into the chair / Nearest the person / Talking about business / Relatively close to yours / Edge into the conversation


I looked at those numbers / On an old note pad I kept / For some reason or other / And wished I’d just slept.

Food for the aliens

It’s heating up / Yep. This is going to be hot. / And all the humans / Are going to cook.
Emerging Artist by Initially NO

Poetry is everything to me at the moment

Every night a new venue / With poets performing their art / And I’m asking: what time does it start? / How can I get there? / And will they…

I was asked if I had a ghost story

I was asked if I had a ghost story. / I delved into my memory. / I have believed many strange things…

There once was a woman who grew an extra brain

There once was a woman who grew an extra brain / Who became rather profane. / She thought god was herself

Roll of the die

Taste this piece of wished for peace / And rip its songbird fleece / Into the marching order / That was given to release

Controlling my powers

Got to control my powers / Of invisibility. / For, this strength of non-existence / Is a problematic ability.


I’m trying to find a loop-hole / In these loopy laws / That say that that torture / Can be used / On people who do not abuse.


It’s raining outside / And I’m putting away / Notebooks into boxes. / Bananas, almonds, walnuts / And the glow of the sun / In the writing
Education by Initially NO


It is possible to be nice / While gnawing ice / That won’t melt in the drink.
Horse-play by Initially NO Gorge by Initially NO

Epiphany to me

You’re amazing / I love you / Every moment we share / Is an epiphany to me.

Upon awakening

I pulled myself from the wreckage / Straightened my spine / And looked down at all those things / That were attached to me

There was a man who was suicidal

There was a man who was suicidal / Who spent his days totally idle.
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