Initially NO

Seddon, Australia

Initially NO enjoys reading poems in pubs and other venues around Melbourne and will be running West Word in Footscray this year. A...


Death metal screams

See, my mother had death metal screams / Used to wake me at five am from my dreams / To play classical music / While she was going off tota…

Poetry is everything to me at the moment

Every night a new venue / With poets performing their art / And I’m asking: what time does it start? / How can I get there? / And will they…


Ease into the chair / Nearest the person / Talking about business / Relatively close to yours / Edge into the conversation

How much I love my friends

How much I love my friends / Despite all the bends / I’ve gone around / That tend to astound / Those in their right mind

The earth doesn’t like it

The earth doesn’t like it / All the electronics shooting / Harmful beams for no reason. / The potatoes in the earth / Hear the earth …

Exist to exit

Like to just smile / For a long fucking while / And complete the guile

The shadow realisation

The moment I saw something coming / I realized who I was / And that I wasn’t the person

Chris Waller lecture

Got to have a point to start the line / Figure it out / What shape shall it take / The design / Is the principle / That works / At the emph…

Seven of nine

Seven of nine you are so fine / With your luscious lips and pouting boobs, / Ocular implant over the eye / And suit that says: she ain’t sh…

Tom’s potential light-bulbs

There was a young man named Thomas / Who really didn’t show much promise. / His teacher said he was addled / And that he needed to be paddl…


Horrible horrifying hormones / Bouncing around my bones / Making me feel all pimply / And think of naked jigglies.

A very good listener

I tell God, because God / Always listens to such things. / And never once says / Quit your bloody complaining. / I’ve got other things to t…


I took a turn / Then turn again. / I flipped the page / Then spun around / Like my head was hanging / On a string

They tell me to be quiet

When I’d rather cause a riot / And have everyone screaming / Out their eccentric meaning. / They tell me to be quiet / But my stomach is on…

To butterfly

Caught in a fold / Of someone’s hands / I feel like a butterfly / My thoughts meandering; / My feelings fluttering around; / My tongue, it …

Proud mother

A mother can be proud / Of what seems insignificant / And silly to others.

Going back

I have to look back though. / I have to keep doing that / Until I’m numb to it. / I can’t have history / Upsetting me.

Food for the aliens

It’s heating up / Yep. This is going to be hot. / And all the humans / Are going to cook.

The story of the virgin birth

Now, I don’t know much about history / But this little tale was told to me. / It’s about a baby born / And how a vagina got torn / That fat…

The ninja is on time

The ninja will split you / In seconds. / The ninja will dice you / Within a minute. / The ninja will mash you / Within an hour.

Mum, not dumb

Never one to believe in herself / Her life got shelfed / As a mum / Who said she was dumb.


I must be invisible / Not even there today / Something has made me disappear. / The world doesn’t send an invite / I don’t exist to their s…

Faery dust in the pockets

Faery dust in the pockets / I have faery dust in my pockets / To sprinkle on the road / And make rainbows appear

What more do you want me to say before the end of…

The sun is not the enemy when it burns / Nor is the moon your friend, / Listening and commenting on your howling.

A fan’s rapture

That space between the rhyme / Is where I wait for you / Wondering what I can’t anticipate / And loving the eventual fate.

The Easter bet

There once was an bunny / Who thought she was rather funny / And made a bet while drinking a keg / That she could lay a chocolate egg / Th…

How I found poetry

Poetry was beautiful and an ugly poem was daring and thought provoking.

Like a shadow at noon

He was a tall man / Like a shadow at noon / ‘Don’t waste your life,’ he said.
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Crawled out of my shell

Crawled out of my shell / And decided to be a slug / Rather than a snail.

Beautiful wondrous star

What I don’t get / Is that you’re still unrecognised. / I’d like to see your work / All over the world / And beamed into space / In case th…


She kept speaking though, even as they Jesused her. / She kept trying to tell them how and where and who. / And to stop crucifying her for …

So hard to watch

It is so hard to watch / Our parents fragment / Into frailty. / Their thought’s command / Go askew.

A French fisherman doesn’t own an ocean

Life inside a bottle for the note / Was rough when out at sea / Until picked up by a boat / Uncorked and set free

There once was a woman who grew an extra brain

There once was a woman who grew an extra brain / Who became rather profane. / She thought god was herself


It is possible to be nice / While gnawing ice / That won’t melt in the drink.

Talking daze and stale yarns

If people are going to talk at me, then I’ll talk at them too and we’ll have to take turns at being indifferent to each other’s ideas. / It…

It was a tune

It was a tune that rocked the skies, / It was a sound the brokered the moon, / To pull the tide out / And clap down another roll in.

Gluttony over Christmas time

Gluttony over Christmas time ho ho hey! / Makes a bulge in our guts / Pickles our brains / Into thinking of elves.

Pay out seasoning

Don’t want to pay either. / Just slip an L in there and PLAY. / For if we fuck capitalism / Will we create a lower case?

Cat’s laugh

Cats knock pictures / Off the walls, smash, tinkle. / Cats laugh… How? you ask.

Alive and smiling

We’re interested, we tell her, / We want to encourage her to speak. / We want to say it doesn’t matter / How awful the past was, / None of …

Existing enough to be published

In a write / That causes a riot / Of despair / For those / Who’ve always / Lived there

Sparkling reign

Absolutely brilliant / Sparkling and sparkling / Making light in the dark / All I see is your flame.

I feel the earth’s heart beat

I feel the earth’s heart beat / Beneath the concrete / As I walk down the path. / I sense the sky singing / Above the sky scrapers / As I m…

What we are given

What we are given / Immediately / Is to be unwrapped / To find that rapture;

Light in the tunnel

Light in the tunnel / Something is there and nearing. / Where am I going?

Traces and lieu versus the art of protest

Then choose the side / That is all in past tense / Fearing the current noun puns.


The crowd gathered / Ribbons of people / Tied their thoughts / Into the tangle of sound.

Beneath the rubble

Trapped beneath the rubble / People waited to be found. / People lost their will / To survive and became still / Under the tumultous ground.

Flowers for my mother

Flowers for my mother / Who says they’re best / Growing in ground.

Last wish

I held his hand / Hoping it would make him feel / Not so alone.
Emerging Artist by Initially NO Calendar

I bumped into the furniture

I bumped into the furniture / And tripped over the lighting rig / It was a good gig / Had everyone laughing.


Beneath the water / Beneath the decaying earth / You plant something small.

Sometimes I wonder about myths

Sometimes I wonder about myths / And if they’re based on a truth. / Take the story of the Minotaur. / Imagine if that was true! Ew!


Coffee for the morning / Coffee for the afternoon / Coffee for when I’m yawning / Coffee ready soon.

Symbols surround us

Symbols surround us, / Questions are heard, / The drum beats a rhythm, / We realised what has occurred

What you’re missing

But what if it disappears / Before you get to it? / What if you don’t get / Don’t get a copy?

Nasty cold

Nasty cold damn nasty / Has me croaking like I’m old / And had one too many whiskies


I want to gorge on wine soaked grapes / Until I think no more of what I’m doing / I want to dance with Dionysus / Until his limbs get torn …

History is a strange thing

That’s when I met Les Murray. / Les had a red nose and a bottle. / We recited rummy rhyme / Between shivering.

Up to

Up to up to / Feelings feelings / Grr slam damn / Up to up to / How are you / What cha been up to

The spiral is within

The spiral is within / Curling like a snake, / Ssss, it hisses / You’re on my path.

I love the smell of Jasmine

I love the smell of Jasmine / It has an ecstatic aroma / That infiltrates the sense / And says spring is alive.

Thoughts crowd in

Thoughts crowd in / And in and in / To the space / I am within.




Giving all those ideas / To overcome the fears. / Exploring ways around. / Getting off the ground.

The fight

Too long spent fighting / For his dignity and rights / Peace was out of sight.

There once was a man who was insane

There once was a man who was insane / Wanted to graft part of his brain / Onto a caterpillar

So many people

So many people / Waves of them pour down the street / And smash the pathways.

Silverbeet sleep

The sense of the snail / In my sink / Fallen off the leaf / Of silverbeet / I was washing

Every day would be different

That the symbols I spoke in / Were a riddle to the world

No need to clap

Sitting in the cinema / The lights dim / As the movie / Is about to be shown.

Making lines happen

Making lines happen / Between the vegetation / For vehicles to run.

Lying on the trees

Lying on the trees / A giant woman floated / Totally naked.


Cool wind / Kisses my lips. / The breeze / Is my lover.

Words and their meanings

We talk a round about / As the fire burns brightly / And heats my cheeks. / Words and their meanings / Converge into conversation.

Piranha ghosts

Now the sea is gone / Piranha ghosts swim the sky / Said to be the wind.

Long wished for peace

Long, long wished for peace / Travels into caverns of / Darkness I don’t seek.

Live people trade

They shipped live cattle / Only to find they were tortured, / They shipped people as well.
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